NFL Week 13, Best And Worst: Packers Come Back And Cowboys Don't

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 04: LaRod Stephens-Howling #36 of the Arizona Cardinals scores the overtime game winning touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at University of Phoenix Stadium on December 4, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona. Arizona won 19-13. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

From LaRod Stephens-Howlings' overtime touchdown to the Jason Garrett's timeout, here's the best and the worst from Week 13 of the 2011 NFL season.

Week 13 had its fair share of highlights as team and league records were broken by veterans and rookies alike and, of course, we couldn't talk about highlights without mentioning Tim Tebow. Here's the best and the worst of Week 13.

We'll start with....

The Best:

No. 5: Frank Gore Goes In the History Books

With a 21 carry, 79-yard performance against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, Frank Gore passed Hall of Famer Joe Perry's franchise record of 7,344 rushing yards. Gore is now the 49ers all-time leading rusher with 7,396 yards. He is on pace to record his fifth 1,000-yard season and helped the 49ers seal a playoff spot with their win over the Rams. 

Congrats, Frank.

No. 4: Marshawn Lynch Enters Beast Mode

On Thursday night the Seahawks were hosting the disappointing Eagles. On one particular play in the red zone, Tarvaris Jackson handed the ball off to Marshawn Lynch, who immediately ran into a large pile of players. He seemed to be stopped there but instead of going down, he decided to switch to beast mode.

He stayed in beast mode for the rest of the game and finished with 22 carries for 148 yards and two touchdowns.

No. 3: Tim Tebow Wins

It doesn't matter what you think about the guy and it doesn't seem to matter how well he throws the ball. What does matter is that Tim Tebow wins football games. Once again the Broncos came from behind, this time in Minnesota. They have now won five in a row and are currently leading the AFC West. 

Tebow might not put up the gaudiest numbers for a quarterback, but that doesn't seem to matter. The Broncos play the Bears and then Patriots next so we'll see if they can keep it up. 

But for now.....

No. 2: Packers Stay Perfect

It looked like the Giants might play the same role they played in 2008 when they spoiled the Patriots' perfect season (in the Super Bowl) on Sunday. With less than a minute to play, the Packers got the ball back after the Giants tied the game at 35. 

Some teams, like the Packers, can do a lot in a minute.

After long passes to Jermichael Finley, Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings, the Packers were set up with a short field goal to win.

Is there anybody that can stop these guys?

No. 1: Cardinals Beat Cowboys in Overtime

The Cardinals in the Cowboys went to overtime in Arizona on Sunday (we'll get to the reason why later). The Cardinals had the ball and Kevin Kolb dropped back to pass dumping a short one to his running back, LaRod Stephens-Howling, who had things to do and wanted to get the game over with.


And the Worst.

No. 5: Penalties Aren't a Good Way to Start

The Steelers killed the Bengals on Sunday but the game could have been a little different if the Bengals hadn't started by shooting themselves in the foot. After forcing the Steelers to go three-and-out on their first drive, the Bengals got the ball back and drove all the way down the field. Rookie quarterback Andy Dalton dropped back and threw a touchdown pass to Jermaine Gresham, but it was called back for a false start penalty on A.J. Green

Then the Bengals had to kick a field goal. The kick was good, but it was negated by a delay of game penalty. On the next try, the Steelers blocked it.

The game was all down hill from there.

No. 4: Richard Seymour Likes to Punch People

We all remember when Richard Seymour clocked Ben Roethlisberger in the head and got ejected. He deserved that. On Sunday during the Raiders' big loss to the Dolphins, Seymour punched offensive lineman Richie Incognito and was ejected from the game.

Here's the punch:


Did Seymour really deserve to get ejected for that? 

No. 3: Lions Don't Need Suh to Commit Penalties

Even while Ndamukong Suh is serving his two-game suspension, the Lions keep committing penalties. They were flagged 11 times for over 100 yards and three of those were personal fouls.

The Lions are quickly earning a reputation and that reputation is they'd rather play dirty than win football games. Maybe they can pick up Seymour next year.

No. 2: Bills Continue Nose Dive

The Buffalo Bills were one of the more exciting teams to watch earlier this season and it looked like there might be a new team to beat in the AFC East, especially after Buffalo beat the Patriots in Week 3. However, they've now lost five games in a row and, based on their remaining schedule, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't win another game this season. 

This week they hosted the Tennessee Titans and it wasn't pretty.

No. 1: Cowboys Ice the Wrong Kicker

The Cowboys were facing overtime in Arizona on Sunday and they had one last shot to win the game in regulation. Kicker Dan Bailey lined up for the kick and just as his foot struck the ball, the whistle blew.

Somebody called a timeout to ice the kicker.

It wasn't the Arizona coaches, though. It was his own coach, Jason Garrett.

Of course Bailey misses his next attempt and the Cowboys end up losing the game.

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