Vincent Jackson Will Sign Franchise Tag, Report To Chargers

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson will sign his franchise tag and will report to the team on Friday.

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Vincent Jackson Will Sign Chargers Franchise Tag

Nearly six months after receiving the franchise tag from the San Diego Chargers, WR Vincent Jackson will make it official and sign the one-year contract. The AP reports that Jackson's agent has confirmed he will sign the franchise tag on Friday when players are allowed to do so.

He will also report to the team, according to the report, which means we won't see a similar situation to last season when Jackson held out until the end of October.

Jackson now stands to make over $11 million but I doubt that makes him too happy. Last year, he was one of the fifth year players who got caught up in the free agency changes that resulted in the Chargers placing a tender on him and blocking him from the open market. Now this year, he gets the franchise tag. 

Ultimately, he wants to cash in on the free agency market but that won't be happening this year. His best move would be to put up big numbers in San Diego again and look to free agency in 2012.

Jackson's agent wouldn't comment to the AP about whether long-term contract discussions would happen but judging by everything that's happened in the last two years I would imagine Jackson doesn't get that long-term deal.

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Vincent Jackson Will Receive Franchise Tag From San Diego Chargers

In 2010, WR Vincent Jackson was one of the players who would have normally been a free agent if not for the NFL's rules in an uncapped season which pushes the threshold for restricted free agency from four to six years. He wasn't happy when the San Diego Chargers placed a restricted free agent tender on him and showed his feelings by sitting out more than half the season in protest of the tender.

The latest news may not make Jackson thrilled either. The Chargers announced Jackson has been given the franchise tag. GM A.J. Smith said in the release:

"Vincent has been a valuable contributor to our team. We want him to be a Charger."    

One important note is that this is the non-exclusive franchise tag meaning Jackson (or his agent) can talk to other teams.

The franchise tag number for receivers in 2011 is expected to be in the neighborhood of $9.5 million. It's unclear if the Chargers have any plans to attempt to work out a long-term deal with Jackson. 

The NFL has told teams it can use the franchise tag from February 10-24 and Jackson becomes the fourth player to receive the tag after New England Patriots OL Logan Mankins, Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick and New York Jets LB David Harris.  The NFLPA says the franchise tag is meaningless without a new CBA in place so how it all works out remains to be seen.

Check out Bolts From The Blue for more on the news. 

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