Patriots S Brandon Meriweather Accused Of Shooting Two People Last Month

A lawyer for two men has accused Patriots S Brandon Meriweather of shooting at two men at a party last month hitting one in the head.

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Brandon Meriweather Was Present During Shooting, Police Say

On Thursday Patriots S Brandon Meriweather was accused of shooting two men in Apopko, FL on February 28th. Police initially said they didn't have him as a suspect or person of interest in the shooting despite the claims made by a lawyer representing two men who claim they were shot.

By Thursday afternoon, police have confirmed to multiple media outlets that Meriweather was present at the shooting.

William Brandon Meriweather, among others, has been identified as being present during a shooting which occurred on February 28th, 2011, which is being investigated by this Office.

We will continue to provide information that is available for release when proper to do so, and in a timely manner.

A representative of Meriweather said the allegations against him were "not true" and that they would consider defamation of character as a legal response.

Right now, Meriweather hasn't been arrested or named a suspect. We just know, from police, that he was there. 


Brandon Meriweather Legal Guardian On Shooting: 'It's Not True'

Reports emerged early Thursday morning that Patriots S Brandon Meriweather was accused of shooting two men in Apopka, Florida on February 27th. The lawyer for the alleged victims made the media rounds explaining their side of the story and now the legal guardian for Meriweather, Tim Bridges, has responded to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Heralddenying the allegations.

"I'm sure the attorneys will handle whatever needs to be handled," Bridges said. "‘Everything will come out if there's anything to come out. But statements have been given by the Orange County Sheriff's Department that Brandon Meriweather is not a victim, nor a person of interest in any shooting."

Bridges also suggested defamation of character was a legal route they could possible pursue if/when these allegations are proved false. The Patriots have also issued a quick statement on the allegations indicating they're aware of them but don't have any additional information.

As Bridges noted, authorities have not named Meriweather a suspect and is not a person of interest in the shooting.


Police Respond To Accusations Brandon Meriweather Shot Two People

On Thursday morning a report emerged via Deadspin that Patriots S Brandon Meriweather shot two people in Florida on February 27th. The accusation came from a lawyer representing the victims.

Florida police have responded to the reports via WEEI:

"Mr. Meriweather is not officially listed on any police report at this point. There is an ongoing investigation into that incident, but I can tell you he's not listed at this point. We are having meetings on a number of issues this morning, but nothing as of this time."    

So what we know is:

-Meriweather is not officially linked to this right now.

-The investigation is ongoing.

There was also a report on February 28th, the morning after the alleged shooting, that said two men in the area had been shot, were treated at a hospital, and did not want to press charges. We're not sure if the two are connected.


Patriots S Brandon Meriweather Accused Of Shooting Two People Last Month

Details are scarce but a lawyer claims Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather shot at his clients, hitting one in the head, while after some sort of confrontation at a party last month. Deadspin spoke with the lawyer, John Morgan, who claims it was Meriweather with the shots.

Here are the few details we have, via Deadspin:

The trouble started at the Blue Jeans Lounge in Apokpa when a friend of Meriweather's allegedly beat up a woman, according to Morgan. The woman's brother arrived later with his own friend, and the conflagration shifted to a nearby party, where the brother soon got the better of Meriweather's friend in a fight. That's when Meriweather allegedly pulled out his gun and fired at the brother, grazing the man's face and hitting the other victim in the head, according to Morgan.

The incident reportedly happened in Florida on February 27th. According to the Deadspin report, detectives are investigating the incident but have made no arrests.

Check out Pats Pulpit for more on the Patriots and we'll update news on Meriweather as it comes in.

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