ARLINGTON TX - NOVEMBER 21: Wide receiver Dez Bryant #88 of the Dallas Cowboys celebrates after the Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions 35-19 at Cowboys Stadium on November 21 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Dez Bryant Sued For $246,000, According To Report

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has reportedly been sued for failing to pay for $246,000 in jewelry, according to a report.

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Deion Sanders Is Concerned About Dez Bryant

After two lawsuits totaling near $850,000 were filed against 22-year-old Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant on consecutive days, his former mentor, Deion Sanders, told WCNN sports radio in Atlanta on Tuesday he's worried about him. From ESPN:

Sanders had said that Bryant had lied to him when he decided to stop working with the 22-year-old. That came on the heels of Bryant having a run-in with police at a Texas shopping mall. Bryant also found his name in court over unpaid jewelry bills.

"It's hard to talk to a person when they have millions, man, because there is so much noise in their life," Sanders said on the radio station. "Everybody around them is employed and they have 'yes men.' You gotta start hiring a 'no man.' "

For those who remember, Bryant was forced to skip most of his last season in Oklahoma State because of his relationship with Sanders, but that didn't stop him from impressing in his rookie season last year.

It also didn't stop him from promising to pay for extravagant jewelry and then allegedly neglecting to do so. Some of the items include "a white gold diamond dog tag set" and a "custom diamond engagement ring." No word on Wikipedia on whether some lucky girl has had some unpaid-for custom diamonds put on her finger. 


Dez Bryant Sued For $600,000 For Gifts Received While At Oklahoma State, According To Report

Just one day after a jeweler filed a $248,000 lawsuit against Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys receiver was slapped with another suit. The second suit, reportedly seeking $600,000 in damages, seeks to recover money Bryant was allegedly loaned ahead of his junior year at Oklahoma State. Eleow Hunt, a ticket broker and jeweler from Texas, alleges Bryant went on a spending spree with his money after promising to repay him after signing with an NFL team.

If it sounds familiar, the lawsuit almost mirrors the one filed just one day prior, in which Rafaello & Co. alleged Bryant failed to pay a jeweler for a variety of custom pieces. This time around, in a separate lawsuit filed by a different party, the quantity has increased, as well as the monetary value.

The items include everything from a “custom Cartier diamond watch” to a “white gold diamond dog tag set” and “custom diamond engagement ring.” The receipts for more than 40 pieces of jewelry total $588,500.

Either it’s pick on Dez Bryant week or this has become a serious, recurring problem. In just a little over a week, Bryant has been kicked out of a mall and been the target of two lawsuits, totaling almost $850,000.

It’s yet unknown what, if any, affect this has on Oklahoma State. If Bryant did take money while in college, it would be an NCAA violation, though it’s unclear what kind of punishment the NCAA could hand out as his eligibility is exhausted. However, if Oklahoma State officials knew about it, the Cowboys could find themselves in hot water.

For more on Bryant and the Cowboys, check out Blogging The Boys. For the Oklahoma State side of things, check out Cowboys Ride For Free.


Dez Bryant Sued For $246,000, According To Report

Dez Bryant's month could be going better.

A week after the Dallas Cowboys WR made headlines because he was kicked out of a mall, Bryant is back in the news. Bryant is being sued for $246,000 in jewelry he agreed to buy, according to Pro Football Talk.

PFT has learned that Bryant has been sued by a jeweler who allegedly produced several custom items for Bryant in 2010.  Per the complaint filed today in the District Court of Dallas, Texas, A+A Diamonds, Ltd. d/b/a Rafaello & Co. alleges that Bryant received $267,000 worth of jewelry - and that he has paid only $21,000.

And a bad month gets worse. We're not sure of the validity of Rafaello & Co.'s claims but bad news has had a way of finding Bryant this month. Maybe that's because he's putting himself in bad situations or maybe it's because he has a high profile and these types of accusations tend to follow people with money.

Whatever the reason, it's not a good look for Bryant.

For more on Bryant and the Cowboys, check out Blogging The Boys.

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