One More Vote For Matt Hasselebeck To Leave Seahawks

Will QB Matt Hasselbeck return to Seattle? There seems to be differing opinions on that.

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Another Vote For Matt Hasselbeck Leaving Seattle Seahawks

Matt Hasselbeck will leave the Seattle Seahawks when the NFL lockout is lifted. No, wait, he'll re-sign and stick with them. Actually, he's on his way. No, he's staying in Seattle.

That's how the Matt Hasselbeck in Seattle story is going these days. We've heard from people predicting Hasselbeck will be leaving the Seahawks as a free agent whenever the lockout is lifted and then we've heard from others, including Hasselbeck himself, that suggest staying in Seattle is an option.

The latest is a "no" vote from Peter King of King writes via Twitter that Hasselbeck is not expected back in Seattle and says the Cardinals, Titans, Dolphins and Vikings are all possibilities for him. 

Hasselbeeck is 35 years old and could have another productive season or two in him. Teams that need someone to bridge the gap for a rookie starter would make sense for Hasselbeck if he's not coming back to Seattle. The Titans could fit that mold if QB Jake Locker isn't ready right away.

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Matt Hasselbeck May Not Leave Seattle Seahawks After All

The last few weeks we've had stories with folks predicting that QB Matt Hasselbeck will leave the Seattle Seahawks whenever the NFL lockout ends and free agency hits. Hasselbeck is entering the final year of his contract and it's telling (or so I thought) that the Seahawks didn't lock him up prior to the lockout. 

Last week news came out that Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell reached out to Hasselbeck during the brief window in which the lockout was lifted and communication between coaches and players was allowed. And from that conversation, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports:

Hasselbeck was said to be open to the idea of returning to Seattle, where he developed into a Pro Bowl player. One source familiar with the quarterback's thinking said Hasselbeck now is "as likely to return there as he ever was."

This actually shouldn't be a surprise at all. Back in April he said he was "hopeful" he would return to Seattle once the labor situation is figured out.  It would appear both sides have some interest in reuniting and if the lockout rolls into August or September, neither side may have much of an option but to get back together. 

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NFL Rumor Mill Has Matt Hasselbeck Leaving Seattle Seahawks

It seems that no one really knows what's going on with Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck. With the NFL lockout in place, trades and signings can't happen so Hasselbeck, who is without a contract for the 2011 season, is in limbo.

When the lockout is lifted, will he return?

There are several folks predicting he will not. ESPN's John Clayton has previously reported that Hasselbeck isn't expected back and now ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the same.

The Seahawks are in a tough spot with Hasselbeck. They won the division just last season so they're not in a situation where they should be blowing it up and rebuilding. They're ready to win the division again and, depending on how far the lockout goes into the summer, he may be the best option. 

Absent a blockbuster trade for someone like QB Carson Palmer, the Seahawks should probably stick with Hasselbeck. QB Charlie Whitehurst is the only quarterback under contract so some more moves are clearly coming. It just depends whether those moves are for Whitehurst's backup or another starter.

The reality of the Seahawks quarterback situation is probably a reason why they reached out to him last week during the brief period the lockout was lifted.

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Seahawks Reached Out To Matt Hasselbeck When Lockout Was Lifted

We've been talking about the future QB Matt Hasselbeck with the Seattle Seahawks. He's entering the final year of his deal so will he return? Will Seattle try to re-sign him? Will he work out a deal to stay with Seattle? We don't really know at this point because the lockout has forbidden contact between the two sides.

There was, though, a brief window on from Friday morning to Friday afternoon where the NFL told teams the lockout was lifted and they could communicate with the players. In that time period, the Seahawks reached out to Hasselbeck, according to Mike Sando of

Second, the Seahawks' new offensive coordinator, Darrell Bevell, reached out to Hasselbeck and reiterated the team's interest in him during the brief window when teams were allowed contact with players over the weekend. Bevell seems to be about as by-the-book as they come. I highly doubt he'd reach out in that manner if it were all a lie.

There are several teams that could be interested in Hasselbeck if and when he hits free agency so it's possible his value goes up once that period starts. The Seahawks haven't done anything to suggest they have other plans than Hasselbeck -- like drafting someone else -- so that's also something to think about. Maybe they decide to go with QB Charlie Whitehurst, who is already in-house.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. The Seahawks are a better team with Hasselbeck than without him but no one can get a good read on what they plan to do there.

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Matt Hasselbeck 'Hopeful' He Returns To Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are in an interesting position with the 2011 NFL draft because we're not quite sure what will happen with QB Matt Hasselbeck. Some people aren't optimistic he'll be back in Seattle as the two sides didn't come to an agreement on a contract extension before the lockout.

If it were up to Hasselbeck, it sounds like he would be back.

"I'm definitely hopeful that I'll be able to stay in Seattle, but at the same time I understand the first thing's got to happen first and that's definitely reaching some kind of labor agreement.''

Really, the Seahawks may not have many other options other than to bring him back. If the lockout rolls into training camp, it may simply come down to a time issue. Without training camp, it would be awfully difficult to prepare a new quarterback for their system.

If the Seahawks decide to pick a quarterback in the NFL draft, things will get interesting in Seattle. In the end, though, the safe move would be to bring Hasselbeck back.

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Matt Hasselbeck Could Be Done With Seattle Seahawks

There can't be any player movement during the NFL lockout which means players can't be signed, released or traded. That hasn't stopped folks from speculating on what will happen if/when the lockout is lifted.

One of those players is Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck. John Clayton speculated on ESPN Radio in Seattle that Hasselbeck's time in Seattle could be done.

"I'm not optimistic now. I'm starting to think that it may not happen," Clayton said of the chances that Hasselbeck re-signs with the Seahawks when the NFL's lockout ends. "It seems like they did put a good effort in, but they didn't come to the right number. And now it's put the Seahawks in a position where I think what'll happen is, if free agency would start -- and we all don't know when -- I think they'll let him test the market. And that could be dangerous because he could go someplace else."

Among the places he could go, according to Clayton, are the Arizona Cardinals, Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings. Assuming a new labor deal isn't worked out before the draft allowing free agency to happen, those teams will likely have to consider drafting a quarterback. All of them, though, are expected to be in the market for a quarterback at some point and all of them more than likely won't find a day-one starter.

Hasselbeck's future could also depend on what the Seahawks do in the draft. If they spend the 25th pick on a quarterback, it's possible they'll roll with the rookie instead of securing Hasselbeck for another year. QB Jake Locker will work out for the Seahawks prior to the draft. 

For more on the Seahawks, check out Field Gulls

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