ARLINGTON TX - DECEMBER 19: Quarterback Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins on the sidelines against play against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on December 19 2010 in Arlington Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Donovan McNabb Awaits Future, While John Beck Is Mike Shanahan's Choice At QB, According To Report

When talking about the future of Redskins QB Donovan McNabb, some are wondering if his career will be ending soon.

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Mike Shanahan 'Serious As Hell' About Starting John Beck At QB, According To Report

The Washington Redskins will have a number of areas to address when free agency starts, but the biggest question surrounding the team is on the guy who will be under center for the season opener. It most likely won't be Donovan McNabb, who is expected to be released rather than traded. So if not McNabb, then who?

According to the NFL Network's Jason La Canfora, head coach Mike Shanahan is apparently set on John Beck as his starter:

"He is set on Beck," said a source familiar with Shanahan's thinking. "That's his guy. He isn't just saying it for the media or to blow smoke. He's serious as hell about it."

Shanahan never played Beck in 2010, even when he turned to Rex Grossman at the end of the season. Beck hasn't even played in a regular season since his rookie season in 2007 when he was with the Miami Dolphins.

Apparently there are more than a few in Redskins territory wondering what Shanahan is doing with this newly found preference for Beck. As it stands, Beck is more likely to lose games for the 'Skins than win them.

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Donovan McNabb's Status With Washington Redskins Still Unsettled

To say that the Washington Redskins have an issue at quarterback entering the 2011 season is a bit of an understatement. Donovan McNabb is the center of the controversy, as he is in line to receive a $10 million bonus at the start of the upcoming season, but there continues to be speculation that the team will trade him or release before it gets to that point.

However, Mike Shanahan recently told fans at a youth football camp that (via ESPN) that until he can speak with McNabb, there's nothing to do on that front:

"Until I get a chance to talk to Donovan and I go through the scenario with him, I really can't share it with the public," Shanahan reportedly told a 7-year-old boy who asked if McNabb would return to Washington.

It still appears that the better option would be for the Redskins to trade him when they can, but will he just have the same issues with his new team? If he went to the Vikings, a place many speculate about, Christian Ponder is the future there and McNabb would just be stopgap and a future problem.

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Some Wonder If Donovan McNabb's Career Is Ending

We've been talking about the future of Washington Redskins QB Donvoan McNabb and with a $10 million bonus due as the 2011 season starts, it seems like a foregone conclusion that the Redskins will trade or release him. Geoff Mosher of the Wilmington News-Journal writes this on McNabb:

"Perhaps there is no worse sign for McNabb than the fact that the Vikings, coached by former Eagles assistant Leslie Frazier, almost tore a biceps tendon reaching for Christian Ponder at 12th overall."

Indeed, the Vikings and three other quarterback needy teams took a quarterback in the first 12 picks of the 2011 NFL draft. The Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers also addressed their quarterback in the second round so they may not be looking for quarterback help.

And then there's the idea that, wherever McNabb goes next, he will demand to be a starter. With the NFL lockout taking up some, if not all of the offseason, there may not be time to prepare McNabb as a starter on his next team.

I'm still not ready to believe McNabb is done but the idea of his career ending so abruptly is out there and it's not that crazy to think about.

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Donovan McNabb Trade Rumors Point To Minnesota Vikings

While the NFL lockout is in place there can't be any player movement so trade rumors -- like the ones involving Washington Redskins QB Donovan McNabb and the Minnesota Vikings -- don't mean much.

But they're still out there. The Washington Post reports that the Vikings are one of the teams that are interested in McNabb's services if/when the lockout is lifted.

That's not a huge surprise. The Vikings have been one of the teams that has been consistently linked to McNabb because they have a roster that's ready to win now but no quarterback. So someone like McNabb makes sense.

The Post's report includes one caveat with a McNabb trade.

One league source said none of the teams interested in McNabb is expected to want to offer much for the 34-year-old quarterback, not because they doubt his skills but because the Redskins already tipped their hand that McNabb doesn't have a future in Washington.

Indeed, the Redskins benched McNabb late in the season and there have been other indications that he won't be coming back to Washington. One of those include McNabb's contract, which includes a $10 million bonus early in the league year (whenever the lockout is lifted). With that contract, and with the thought that the Redskins plan on dumping McNabb anyway, his value is low.

However, if the Redskins can re-work McNabb's contract, he becomes much more desirable.

Once the lockout is lifted, it's possible some of these rumors come to fruition.

For more on the Redskins and McNabb's future, check out SB Nation DC and Hogs Haven

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