CINCINNATI - NOVEMBER 21: Chad Ochocinco #85 and Terrell Owens #81 of the Cincinnati Bengals watch from the sideline during the final minutes of the Bengals 49-31 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Paul Brown Stadium on November 21 2010 in Cincinnati Ohio. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

If Released By Bengals, Chad Ochocinco Could Make Sense With Falcons

if Chad Ochocinco doesn't return to the Bengals, the Falcons could be one of the teams interested in him.

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Atlanta Falcons May Have 'Inside Track' To Signing WR Chad Ochocinco

It's hard to find someone these days who doesn't think the Cincinnati Bengals will part ways with WR Chad Ochocinco. They appear to be going in a different direction and most league observers feel they'll release him if/when free agency hits. 

If that's the case, a number of teams will likely be interested and among those could be the Atlanta Falconsthough Falcons fans have their objections. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution predicts that the Falcons could have the "inside track" to signing Ochocinco if he becomes available due in part to the presence of Falcons quarterbacks coach Bob Bratkowski, who previously worked with Ochocinco in Cincinnati.

"Coach Bratkowski is the reason why I'm with the Bengals," Ochocinco said after riding a bull at the Gwinnett Arena on Saturday. "He was my coach at the Senior Bowl when I was coming out. He went to bat for me. They weren't going to take me. But from what he saw at the Senior Bowl before the draft is the reason why he stood on the table for me and that's why they drafted me."

Signing Ochocinco would be a big discussion for a team because of all the attention he would bring. This isn't like signing an undrafted free agent -- the organization has to be on board.

If Bratkowski was able to convince the Bengals to sign Ochocinco a decade ago, it makes you wonder if he can convince the Falcons to sign him if he becomes a free agent this offseason.

Check out Cincy Jungle for more on Ochocinco and where he might land next. 


If Chad Ochocinco Is Released From Bengals, Patriots Could Make Sense

The Cincinnati Bengals will think long and hard about releasing WR Chad Ochocinco as he's due $6 million for the 2011 season. The Bengals are in rebuilding mode with QB Carson Palmer's future uncertain, WR Terrell Owens on the way out and QB Andy Dalton stepping in at some point.

So Ochocinco isn't expected to return to the Bengals, the only team he's ever known in the NFL. Though he's 33 years old and seemingly more interested in Twitter, soccer and bull-riding than football, Ochocinco will be signed by someone.

Peter King of predicts it could be the...New England Patriots.

I'm not sure if I can see that happening. One of the tenants of playing for Bill Belichick is that football has to be very, very important to you and, with Twitter, soccer and bull riding, I'm not sure you can say that about Ochocinco. 

That said, Ochocinco does work hard and there is an argument that he can still be productive. He was over 1,000 yards in 2009 and could still be productive given the right situation.

The problem with any team signing Ochocinco is that you have to be prepared for the sideshow that comes with it. You're not just signing Ochocinco -- you're signing the added attention, increased cameras and celebrity.

If the Bengals release Ochocinco when the lockout ends, we should quickly have a better idea of where he'll land. Check out Cincy Jungle for more on Ochocinco and the Bengals. 

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