GREEN BAY WI - FEBRUARY 08: Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy carries the Lombardi Trophy onto Lambeau Field during the Packers victory ceremony on February 8 2011 in Green Bay Wisconsin. (Photo by Matt Ludtke/Getty Images)

Packers Players Return To Lambeau To Receive Super Bowl Rings

The Green Bay Packers coaches and players met on Thursday night as the group received their 2011 Super Bowl rings.

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Packers Super Bowl Ring Is Full Of 'Bling'

The Green Bay Packers wanted bling with their Super Bowl ring and that's what they got. Compromised of 3.35 carats and 109 diamonds, the rings met the expectations of the players. Packers president Mark Murphy said he knew the players wanted something big and with lots of "bling,"

"It was definitely everything we expected," said Packers coach Mike McCarthy. "The players, they were ecstatic about it, the way they were showing each other the ring, the platinum, the diamonds, the design, I think it's something everybody is excited about it."

Check out a close-up photo of the rings here

This was an unusual Super Bowl ring ceremony at Lambeau Field because the players and owners haven't seen each other this offseason due to the communication ban the NFL lockout brings. 

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and LB Clay Matthews were clearly excited to receive their bling, as evidenced by this photo.



Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Rings Feature 109 Diamonds

On Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers received their Super Bowl rings as a reward for a tough season of work, culminating in a 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL's top prize. The Packers were given a special exemption to hold the ceremony during the lockout despite rules preventing teams and players from communicating. But with the exemption, the team was able to gather together at Lambeau Field to unwrap its presents and see the rings for the first time.

The rings are impressive, to say the least. According to the players, the Packers' Super Bowl rings hold 109 diamonds, making them each incredibly icy. Why 109 diamonds. though? Clay Matthews explains on Twitter.

92 Years, 13 Championships, 4 Super Bowls = 109 DIAMONDS!!

It all makes sense. With the symbolism explanations out of the way, the Packers were given the prize they'd all been waiting for. And immediately after the rings were handed out, pictures started showing up.

First up, Jermichael Finley and his ring. Shortly after team members were presented with their Super Bowl rings, Finley tweeted this.


For a look at the side of the ring, here's a picture Ryan Grant snapped of the video that accompanied the ring presentation.


So there you have it. Impressive, blinged-out rings for the Super Bowl champions. In all likelihood, the rings cost as much as a car, or perhaps a house, but are a time-honored tradition and a reward for one deserving team.

For more on the Packers, be sure to stop by Acme Packing Company.


Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Ring Ceremony On Thursday Night

The Green Bay Packers will receive their 2011 Super Bowl rings on Thursday night in a ceremony at Lambeau Field. In most years this is a normal event where players and coaches get together to celebrate but the NFL lockout has added a unique twist to the ceremony.

Because of the lockout, players and coaches are not allowed to communicate but the league has given special permission for the two sides to meet again at Lambeau for the ring ceremony. 

So will they discuss anything other than their memorable 2011 season? Perhaps.

Conversations are expected to be limited to the ring ceremony, but I'm not sure how the NFL can police what people discuss in a private ceremony. I doubt coach Mike McCarthy is going to be handing out playbooks or practice schedules, and so I don't know that this should be viewed as a competitive advantage for the Packers. Consider it a perk granted to the Super Bowl champions.

The NFL can't realistically police the conversations that go on but there's not much to be gained by the Packers coaches meeting with the players in a setting like this. Maybe some small talk about offseason workouts will occur but, as ESPN's Kevin Seifert notes, it's hardly a competitive advantage. 

Check out Acme Packing Company where Packers fans wonder: Is the ring ceremony a big deal?

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