NFL To Decide On Kenny Britt's Future This Week

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Kenny Britt Injures Quad, Decision On Future To Come Later This Week

Kenny Britt met with Roger Goodell Tuesday to discuss the troubled Titans' wide receiver's future after his actions during the lockout

Jason Wyatt tweeted Britt's reaction to the apparently positive meeting:

"(Goodell) was happy - not happy that I was in there for those situations - but he's a nice type of guy ... He didn't scold me or anything. We'll find out some day later this week what he decides to do."

Since Britt was arrested multiple times, and Goodell considers himself America's foremost authority on morality, expect a multiple-game suspension.

Furthermore, Britt has been dealing with a hamstring injury during training camp, and, despite the injury being healed for the most part, now the former Rutgers' wideout is dealing with a quad injury, according to SB Nation's Titans blog, Music City Miracles. Here's blogger Aditya T's reaction:

 Britt is questionable for Saturday's game against the Bears, but there's no way they'll risk worsening the injury by putting him on the field. The two biggest issues Kenny Britt has is staying out of trouble, and staying injury free. It does no good if he is eligible to play, but he can't due to injury.    


Kenny Britt Pleads Not Guilty To Disorderly Charges

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has pleaded not guilty to three disorderly person charges resulting from a June arrest in New Jersey, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. He entered the plea in Hoboken Municipal Court.

The arrest was the Britt's sixth since 2009. The former Rutgers star will stand trial Sep. 20. Per the Star-Ledger:

Britt was arrested June 8 in Hoboken by plainclothes narcotics officers who claimed Britt crushed a marijuana cigar in his hands to conceal it from investigators. Britt was initially charged third-degree resisting arrest, fourth-degree tampering and fourth-degree obstruction, but they were downgraded to disorderly persons charges of resisting arrest and hindering prosecution after an initial court appearance.    

Britt was apparently trying The Michael Beasley Loophole on for size, but must not have realized that NFL Commissioner Roger Gooddell won't play that stuff, even during the lockout. Britt's Sep. 20 court date was scheduled for a Tuesday so he didn't have to miss a game or practice with the Titans, but it's possible that he could be suspended regardless, if there is even an NFL season at that point.

Britt has also been arrested for making inaccurate statements on his driver's license after turning himself in to Tennessee police June 29


Kenny Britt Surrenders To Police On Warrants For False License Application

Kenny Britt's mounting legal troubles got at least a bit more clarity on Wednesday, with Britt reportedly surrendering himself to police, according to The Tennessean's Jim Wyatt.

Britt, who had already had six run-ins with the law since 2009, gave himself up to Nashville police two weeks after news broke that Britt was wanted in Nashville for making inaccurate statements on his driver's license. Any charge resulting from that is only a misdemeanor, but Britt's rap sheet has gotten longer and longer. And there is deinitely punishment coming from the Tennessee Titans, who drafted Britt in 2009 and have suffered through his legal troubles as he blossomed into a potential go-to receiver on the field.

Britt is now free on $2,000 bond, with a court date set for July. It is unclear whether this charge is in any way related to any of Britt's previous charges.

Check out SB Nation's Music City Miracles to see how Titans fans are reacting to the latest arrest.


More Legal Troubles For Kenny Britt As Tennessee Police Issue Warrants

Another week, another post about Kenny Britt's legal troubles. 

The last time we addressed Britt was when he was getting arrested last week for resisting arrest, which was his sixth interaction with police since being drafted by the Tennessee Titans

The latest news via Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean is that he's wanted by the Metro police in Tennessee for allegedly making some sort of inaccurate statements on his driver's license. There are two outstanding warrants for him.

[Metro police spokesman Don] Aaron said the warrants were sworn out by the THP on April 14, at which time Metro police attempted to serve them Britt's at residence, but he wasn't home. Police don't believe he's been back in Nashville since.

He didn't show for Titans workouts last week when some thought he would. Metro police believe Britt is aware of the warrants.

"To my belief, Mr. Britt's counsel is aware of the existence of these warrants and we would anticipate that he would report and surrender himself on these and let them be served when he returns to the state of Tennessee,'' Aaron said. "If he does not, he'll be subject to arrest."

The charges are a misdemeanor but, even though it's another minor offense, they're starting to pile up. Britt can expect to be disciplined in some way by the Titans when the NFL lockout is lifted. 


Kenny Britt Will Be Disciplined By Tennessee Titans, According To Report

Wide receiver Kenny Britt won't need to look for a new team once the NFL Lockout ends. According to's Albert Breer, the Tennessee Titans reportedly plan to discipline Britt once the new league year starts, but they will not release him. Now word yet on what his punishment will entail, but it will certainly be for more than the one quarter he sat for in 2010 after a bar fight.

The NFL will also weigh in on this matter once the lockout ends, but until that happens neither the league nor the Titans can have contact with Britt. Given the Titans' checkered history with troublesome players such as Adam Jones and Albert Haynesworth, one must wonder how many chances they will give Britt. With two arrests over a span of three months, Britt has certainly shown a lack of sound judgment recently.

Britt, a first-round pick in 2009 has 84 career receptions for 1,476 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Check out SB Nation's Music City Miracles to see how Titans fans are reacting to the latest arrest.


Kenny Britt's Latest Arrest Concerns Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans WR  Kenny Britt was arrested for the sixth time since 2009 on Wednesday when he reportedly resisted arrest from Hoboken, NJ police officers. The arrest seemed minor in the grand scheme of things but it's concerning because there's clearly a pattern developing with Britt.

The good news for him is that the prosecutor, Edward DeFazio, doesn't think he'll be facing jail time for his latest legal dust-up, via the Tennessean.

"If he were to be convicted he could get probation, and technically he could be subject to jail time,'' DeFazio said. "But as a practical matter, since he has no criminal convictions, there is a presumption that he would not be incarcerated."

The Titans, though, will have their say whenever the lockout ends. Head coach Mike Munchak acknowledged to the Tennessean that it's a difficult time right now because, with the lockout going on, he can't talk to Britt.

"Unfortunately he's had a few things that have come up with him this offseason. Any time any of our players have issues it is concerning, no matter what the issue is. We want the best for them. This is a tough time because we don't know."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell could also have a conversation with Britt. Goodell says he'll be monitoring activity that violates the personal conduct policy even during the lockout.

Check out SB Nation's Music City Miracles to see how Titans fans are reacting to the latest arrest. 


Kenny Britt Arrested (Again) In New Jersey

Life in the NFL hasn't been very good for Tennessee Titans WR Kenny Britt (other than his $9.5 million contract). Britt was arrested again on Wednesday by Hoboken, NJ narcotics officers.

This arrest comes just one day after he plead guilty to a lesser charge in an April careless driving incident.

The complaints, according to the Newark Star-Ledger, says Britt "did purposely prevent or attempt to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of force or violence, specifically by refusing to open your hand when ordered to do so then pulling your hand away."

Basically, he tried to avoid being cuffed. And the reason for that, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, is this:

Britt allegedly crushed a cigar containing marijuana to hide it from police, according to police complaint

Not a good summer for Britt. Wyatt reports Britt was also charged with tampering with evidence and obstructing a government function.

The NFL says they will be enforcing the personal conduct policy whenever the lockout is lifted (and the NFLPA will challenge that, by the way) so I'll be curious to hear what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has to say about it.

As you can imagine, Titans fans at Music City Miracles aren't taking it very well.

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