Chris Johnson Gets Four-Year Extension From Titans With $30 Million Guaranteed

Chris Johnson's holdout is over as he agreed to a four-year extension that includes $30 million guaranteed.

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Chris Johnson's Contract Totals Stack Up Well Against Other RB Deals

The 34-day holdout of Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson came to end on Thursday, with the three-time Pro Bowler agreeing to terms on a four-year, $53.5 million extension that includes $30 million in guaranteed money.

Johnson had two years and $2.025 million remaining on his rookie contract, pushing the total value of the deal to $55.525 million over the next six seasons. While the "new money" in the contract amounts to $13.375 million per year over the four new seasons of the contract, the average per year (APY) of the full, six-year deal is $9.254 million. In terms of APY, St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson had the previous high at the position with his five-year, $43.097 million extension ($8.619M APY) from 2008, a figure that DeAngelo Williams approached with his five-year, $43 million contract ($8.6M APY) with the Carolina Panthers this offseason.

Important benchmarks in any new contract are 1.) guaranteed money, 2.) total of the first three years of the deal (3-Year APY), and 3.) the Year One payout.

The Williams deal included $21 million in guarantees, $30 million over the  first three seasons, and a $19.5 million cash payout in Year One.

Johnson's $30 million guarantee far exceeds what Williams was guaranteed by the Panthers, and surpasses the $26.0425 million in guarantees Darren McFadden received from the Oakland Raiders as the fourth overall pick of the 2008 NFL Draft. Johnson will also receive $31 million over the first three years of the deal, Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports, which is $1 million more than Williams received from the Panthers. The $10.3 million 3-Year APY is now tops among NFL running backs, a figure that Johnson's agent, Joel Segal, likely targeted in this extension.

The one area Johnson's deal comes up short in is first-year cash payout. Williams' contract included a $16 million signing bonus, none of which was deferred, and a $3.5 million base salary for a total of $19.5 million. La Canfora reports that Johnson will take home $13 million in 2011, which is far less than Williams' first-year payout, but far more than the $1.065 million in base salary Johnson was scheduled to make in 2011.

Whatever benchmarks the Johnson deal established are likely to be shattered by Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, a four-time Pro Bowler who is scheduled to earn $10.72 million in base salary in 2011, the final year of his rookie contract.


Chris Johnson's Contract Has Fantasy Football Fans Breathing Sigh Of Relief

Relax, fantasy football fans. Your first round pick is going to be on the field come Week 1.

RB Chris Johnson, one of the league's top fantasy football players, has agreed to a four-year extension that will pay him $53.5 million in new money and $30 million guaranteed.

He was holding out from his rookie contract and hadn't reported to Titans training camp and some people thought he would be willing to hold out into the regular season if the two sides couldn't agree to a deal. This caused his value in fantasy football leagues to drop a little bit. You don't want your first round pick missing the start of the season.

But now Johnson has his new deal and he'll be on the field for the Titans in Week 1. The fantasy question becomes how his new deal will affect his production.

Ideally, it doesn't affect it at all but you have to wonder how the money will affect Johnson. He's been seeking a new deal for over a year and now that he's finally got it, will he take his foot off the gas a little bit? Fantasy football folks will be wondering that and we'll find out when the 2011 NFL season starts in 10 days.

Check out Music City Miracles to see what Titans fans are saying about the new deal.


Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Agree To Contract Extension With $30 Million Guaranteed

RB Chris Johnson expressed frustration on Twitter earlier this week after some fans were questioning him because he was holding out of training camp in protest of his contract. Those fans can now relax as Johnson and the Titans have finally agreed on a new contract.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean has the numbers: four-year extension worth $53.5 million and $30 million guaranteed. That puts his total deal, including the final two years on his rookie contract, at six years and between $55-56 million.

The Titans said they were willing to make Johnson the highest paid running back in the game while Johnson reportedly thought he should be paid among the highest paid players, regardless of position, in the game. 

The new deal seems like a win-win for both sides. Johnson gets his guaranteed money, $30 million, while the Titans retain his rights at a manageable level. Johnson is clearly among the elite running backs in the league and this contract reflects that.

Johnson will now report to Titans training camp on the day of their final preseason game and 10 days before the start of the regular season.

Check out SB Nation's Music City Miracles for more details on the contract. 


Chris Johnson Holdout Could End This Weekend, According To Report

Michael Lombardi went on television and reported that the Tennessee Titans are ready to pay Chris Johnson, and that the All-Pro's holdout could end as soon as this weekend, according to Rotoworld. The details:

Lombardi characterized the Titans' approach as "very aggressive" because they want to get a deal done this week ... According to Lombardi, there hasn't been any hostility, "they've opened up the bank vault," and "it looks like they're going to pay him." Lombardi believes it's "not too optimistic" to expect a new deal this weekend.     

Titans fans and fantasy football owners with mid-to-late first round picks haven't heard better news in a long time. Here's what SB Nation's Titans blog, Music City Miracles, said in their post on the subject:

If the Titans really have decided to dig deep and get CJ his money, I have enough faith in Reinfeldt to believe he'll structure it in a smart way that gives the team a way out in a few years. 

Coupled with the return of Kenny Britt to practice, this offense might finally look NFL quality Week 1. 

Let's hope this all gets sorted out soon. No one wins when one of the league's three most exciting players doesn't get on the field because of a contract dispute.


Chris Johnson Won't Be Traded, Tennessee Titans Say

The Tennessee Titans made it clear the franchise has no intention of trading disgruntled star running back Chris Johnson, even if he requests one. Rookie head coach Mike Munchak explained the situation Thursday afternoon to reporters.

"We would figure he's under contract for two years, he's going to be a Titan and we would hope a longer term than that," Munchak said. "But I don't think that's anything we would even give any consideration to. He's with us one way or another, and hopefully it ends up being on the field."

Thus far the Titans and Johnson have been extremely distant on the terms of a contract extension, despite the fact that the team publicly announced its willingness to make the 25-year-old the highest paid running back in NFL history.

Both Johnson and his agent, Joel Segal, met with team officials on Wednesday and staunchly reinforced their goal to be paid like a star playmaker, instead of a running back. The three-time Pro Bowler allegedly wishes to receive at least $30 million in guaranteed money -- a number the Titans have hesitated to accept. Per reports, there is currently a disagreement of approximately $3 million per year between the two sides.

The Tennessee Titans' 2011 NFL season begins September 11th against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Injured third-year back Javon Ringer is the only current backfield contributor on the roster with regular season experience.

For more on Chris Johnson's ongoing holdout and the impact it has on the Tennessee Titans, check out Music City Miracles.


Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans End Nashville Meeting Without New Contract

Chris Johnson's quest for a new contract will apparently go on for another day: his meeting with the Tennessee Titans in Nashville on Wednesday, ostensibly to negotiate terms for a new contract that could make Johnson one of the NFL's highest-paid players, ended without a new deal. The meeting, which took place at a Nashville restaurant and included Johnson, his agent Joel Segal, Titans general manager Mike Reinfeldt, and a Titans contract expert, ended midday on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted a statement that Reinfeldt released after the meeting:

"I'm not sure there was any progress made, but I do think it was beneficial to meet. We were able to discuss several different elements of a potential contract, but there was no agreement on those topics. I do expect to have another conversation with Joel in the next day or so."

It's likely that there is still a gap between Johnson's desire to be paid as one of the NFL's best playmakers and the Titans' interest in making him the league's highest-paid running back without overpaying for his talents.

Johnson has been holding out of Titans training camp since August 9, and would be unlikely to be fully ready for regular season action even if he were to show up for practice on Thursday.

For more on Johnson and the Titans, visit Music City Miracles.


Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans Will Meet Over Contract

Chris Johnson will reportedly meet with the Tennessee Titans in Nashville to negotiate terms of a new contract. Johnson has been holding out of training camp, seeking a richer deal. Titans' owner Bud Adams has been critical of Johnson's holdout.

"I'm not gonna make any offer with the way he's acting," Adams said recently. "Life's too short. These agents sometimes get carried away and don't really tell the player what their position is. Players usually leave it up to them to get it done, but sometimes they make mistakes with what they tell them.     

The team has said that they would be willing to make Johnson the highest paid running back in the league. It is possible that Johnson believes he should be one of the highest paid offensive players in the league, not just among his position group. The Titans are allowed to fine Johnson $30,000 for each missed day of training camp.

For more on the Titans and the Johnson situation, check out Music City Miracles.


Titans Owner Bud Adams Backs GM On Chris Johnson Contract Negotiation

Two weeks ago, Tennessee Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt declared his intention to make disgruntled RB Chris Johnson the NFL's highest-paid back. Two weeks later, Johnson has yet to see a contract offer at all.

While the team's star continues to hold out of camp, many have criticized the way Reinfeldt has handled the negotiations. However, the GM does have one person in his corner...Titans owner Bud Adams.

"...I'm leaving that up to Mike Reinfeldt to work that out," Adams said. "(Johnson) has got two years on his contract right now. Now, he wants more money, I guess, but he can be fined ($30,000 per day) for not reporting. You add all that up and it's a pretty good bit."

"I'm just hoping he'll come on in and start playing for us. But I don't know, it doesn't look it. I'm not interfering with them," Adams said. "They've got it worked out on the basis that they want to work it out. I'm behind them all the way. They're (Johnson's side) not getting any results out of his not showing up, though."

Johnson has missed 23 days of camp so far and the window is closing on his ability to be ready by the time the season starts.

Stay tuned, and check out Music City Miracles for updates.


Chris Johnson 'Surprised' To Hear Of Titans' Big-Money Intentions

Thursday, Tennessee Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt declared his intention to make disgruntled RB Chris Johnson the NFL's highest-paid back. Tremendous! This will smooth everything over, and one of the league's most-exciting players will be back to work shortly.

Johnson seems confused, however, saying Reinfeldt hasn't offered him a contract, according to Jim Wyatt. He says he's surprised to learn he'll soon be paid so well, and wondered whether the Titans have merely discussed such a contract offer among themselves. He added he's in fine shape and ready to get to work, once financials are in order.

It seems we have a failure to communicate here. Now that the Titans have made public their desire to compensate Johnson as well as he could be, you'd have to think it's only a matter of time before they actually do make an offer.

Stay tuned, and check out Music City Miracles for updates.


Titans Say They'll Make Chris Johnson Highest Paid RB In The League

RB Chris Johnson continues his holdout from Tennessee Titans training camp in protest of his contract. He signed a five-year, $12 million deal in 2008 while blossoming into one of the league's best running backs.

That's the problem -- he's working off of a deal that pays him significantly less than he's worth. The two sides have been talking about a new deal but to this point it doesn't sound like a breakthrough has occurred. The Titans, for their part, say they're ready to make him the highest paid running back in the NFL.

Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt talked with the Associated Press about the situation:

Reinfeldt says they already have talked about the perimeters of this new deal for Johnson and would like to have the running back in camp to learn the offense with a new coach while negotiations are finished.

If Johnson feels he needs a new deal, his only leverage point is to hold out of camp and create a sense of urgency.

We'll see what the next step is but, for now, Johnson's not in camp. Check out Music City Miracles for updates.


Chris Johnson Continues Holdout From Titans Training Camp

Titans RB Chris Johnson continued his holdout from training camp on Tuesday and officially forfeited an accrued season towards free agency.

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