First NFL Roster Cut Down Day Passes With Few Surprises

NFL roster cuts are upon us. Teams got down to the 80-man roster limit on Aug. 30 and they'll get down to 53 players on Sept. 3.

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Malcolm Kelly Among Washington Redskins Roster Cuts

The Washington Redskins need to get down to the league-mandated 80-man roster limit by 4:00 p.m. (ET) on Tuesday and they've started the process releasing a number of players, including WR Malcolm Kelly. It's not a major surprise by any means but Kelly was a second round pick just three years ago in the 2008 NFL draft.

SB Nation DC isn't surprised by the move to release Kelly, which is expected to become official sometime on Tuesday.

The news doesn't come as a surprise. Kelly had suffered another hamstring injury early in camp, and the Redskins are crowded at wide receiver after drafting three in the 2011 NFL Draft.

The injuries, the receivers picked up this year and Kelly's inability to make an impact in three seasons make this an easier move to make.

The Redskins have released a handful of players already, which you can read about at SB Nation DC. They'll need to get down to 80 players by Tuesday afternoon and then on Sept. 3 they'll be cutting down to 53 players.


New England Patriots Roster Cuts Include Jonathan Wilhite

The New England Patriots have made their roster cuts to get down to the league-mandated 80-man roster limit. The team had until Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. (ET) to get down to the roster limit and they made quite a few moves on Monday to do that.

We already noted the release of S James Sanders but they also released the following players: CB Jonathan Wilhite, LS Matt Katula, FB Garrett Mills, DL Kade Weston,  K Chris Koepplin, DB Malcolm Williams, WR Tyree Barnes, FB Eric Kettani, and WR Darnell Jenkins.

They also signed a couple of players: WR Tiquan Underwood and S Ross Ventrone.

The next step for the Patriots is preparing for the big cut down on Sept. 3. On that date, teams will need to go from 80 to 53 players. Not only will they need to find out which players on the team they'll release, they also need to be watching the rest of the league to see who gets cut so this will be a busy time for the New England front office.

Check out SB Nation's Pats Pulpit to see how Pats fans are reacting to the cuts. 


James Sanders Cut By New England Patriots

The Patriots surprisingly let go of safety James Sanders, leaving the team thin in the secondary.


Chester Taylor Will Reportedly Be Released By Chicago Bears

The Bears have released Chester Taylor just one year into his four-year contract.


Kansas City Chiefs Roster Cuts Include No Surprises

The Kansas City Chiefs sat at 89 players on Monday and with seven roster moves have gotten down to 82 players before Tuesday's league-mandated cut down to 80 players. That means the Chiefs have two more roster moves to make after Monday's cuts.

The following players were waived by the Chiefs: LB Eric Bakhtiari, RB Tervaris Johnson, DB Javes Lewis, WR Chris Manno, WR Josue Paul, DB Mario Russell and WR Chandler Williams.

No player on that list is a surprise for those following the Chiefs. 

The Chiefs have two more moves to make by Tuesday afternoon. After that, they'll be down to 80 players and on Sept. 3 they'll need to cut their rosters down to 53 players.

The Chiefs have a solid young team without many holes but there's always room to upgrade. There will be opportunities to improve the roster over the next week when all teams get down to 53 players.

Check out Arrowhead Pride, where they're looking at the latest Chiefs depth chart. 


Vernon Gholston Among Chicago Bears Roster Cuts

The Chicago Bears released several players to get down to the 80-man roster limit, including former New York Jets LB Vernon Gholston.


Andre Gurode Released By Dallas Cowboys As NFL Roster Cut Deadline Nears

The Cowboys released C Andre Gurode on Monday after reportedly asking him to take a pay cut.


NFL Roster Cuts: Denver Broncos Trim Roster to 80 Players

The Denver Broncos had until Tuesday afternoon to make their NFL roster cuts in order to get down to the league requirement of 80 players but they didn't need that much time. The team has announced seven roster cuts getting them down to the league mandated 80 players.

The Broncos cuts include CB Nate Jones, RB CJ Gable, LB Braxton Kelley, LB Deron Mayo, G Shawn Murphy, T Curt Porter and DE David Veikune.    

SB Nation's Mile High Report says they're not surprised by any of the cuts.

The Broncos are now at 80 players and the next round of cuts will come on Sept. 3 when they'll need to get down to 53 players. That's a large number of players that will be hitting the open market over the next week so the challenge is to not only evaluate your own roster but also keep an eye on the rest of league's cuts.

Check out Mile High Report to see how Broncos fans are reacting to the cuts. 


Lions Roster Cuts Include RB Mike Bell, K Dave Rayner

NFL roster cuts nearing and the Detroit Lions have gotten a head start releasing eight players on Monday. The Lions had until Tuesday afternoon to get down to the 80-man roster limit.

The cuts made on Monday include RB Mike Bell; WR Demario Ballard; WR Marcus Harris; TE Richard Dickson; DT Montavious Stanleyl; LB DeJuan Fulghum; S Michael Johnson; K Dave Rayner.

Generally, the first round of cuts include a lot of undrafted free agents and guys at the bottom of the roster. SB Nation's Pride Of Detroit notices two notable names on this list.

The two names on this list that jump out to me are Bell and Rayner. After missing the Patriots game with an illness, Bell's chances of making the 53-man roster took a big hit, so it's not a huge surprise he has been let go. Still, it's notable because the running back competition now includes one less player.    

The Lions already lost a running back for the year due to injury in RB Mikel Leshoure. 

The Lions next round of cuts will come on Sept. 3 when they need to get to 53 players. Check out Pride Of Detroit for the reaction to the first round of cuts. 


Colts Roster Cuts Include Indianapolis Native RB Devin Moore

The Indianapolis Colts had until Tuesday afternoon to hit their NFL roster cuts and get down to the 80-man roster limit but they went ahead and made those cuts early. The Colts had eight players to release and reports have listed all eight of those players including RB Devin Moore, S Chip Vaughn, G Josh Beekman, OT Casey Bender, WR Joe Horn, QB Mike Hartline, LB Cody Glenn and DB Mike Newton.

One semi-surprise in these cuts is Indy native, RB Devin Moore, writes SB Nation's Stampede Blue.

Devin Moore was a guy I had high hopes for, especially as a return guy, but something must have happened between the end of training camp and last Friday's game, as he didn't get on the field at all. During camp, he seemed to be the first guy out there each time.

The Colts next round of cuts will come on Sept. 3 when teams need to get down to 53 players. Of course, the player most in Indy care about is the health of QB Peyton Manning.

Stampede Blue has the full run down on all the players released.


NFL Roster Cuts: Cleveland Browns Released Eight To Get To 80 Players

The Cleveland Browns needed to cut eight players by Tuesday afternoon to get down to the 80-man roster limit and that's what they did on Monday releasing eight players

Here are the Browns NFL roster cuts: defensive back Brett Johnson, defensive lineman Kyle Anderson and Jabari Fletcher, defensive back Darian Hagan, wide receiver Jonathan Haggerty, wide receiver Juan Nunez, quarterback Troy Weatherhead and kicker Jeff Wolfert.

Training camp rosters were expanded from 80 to 90 players this year and the first cut down is on Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. (ET). Many teams, like the Browns, weren't at the 90-man limit, likely because of the shortened offseason.

The Browns now sit at 80 players on the roster and, by Sept. 3, they'll need to get down to 53 players. The challenge is not only figuring out which players you're going to cut, but also watching the market to see which players other teams cut. 

Check out the latest 53-man roster projection over at SB Nation's Dawgs By Nature. 


Vikings Roster Cuts: QB Rhett Bomar Among 10 Players Released

The Minnesota Vikings have made their first set of NFL roster cuts for the 2011 preseason. The Vikings released 10 players on Monday getting them down to 80 players. Teams must get down from the 90-man training camp roster to the 80-man roster limit by Tuesday afternoon.

The most notable Vikings release was QB Rhett Bomar but even that's not a big surprise.

After Bomar, here are the rest of the Vikings cuts: S Chris Adingupu, OL Conan Amituanai, TE Ed Barham, DB Simeon Castille, LB Jonathan Gilmore, WR Andre Holmes, LB Kyle O'Donnell, K Nate Whitaker and DT Colby Whitlock.

As Tom Pellissero of ESPN 1500 notes, all these players were on the third or fourth string so they're not much of a surprise.

In years past teams had a maximum training camp roster of 80 players before the first cut down which made them go down to 75 players. Now that maximum limit is 90 players and the first cut requires them to get down to 80 players. The second cut, which comes on Sept. 3, will make them get down to 53 players.

Check out Daily Norseman to see what Vikings fans are saying about the cuts. 


NFL Roster Cuts: Final Deadline Set For September 3, Active Rosters Expand To 46

NFL will do away with the complex third quarterback rule and expand gameday rosters.

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