Deion Sanders Enters Pro Football Hall Of Fame In Class Of 2011

Deion Sanders was a two-sport star, making it all the more impressive that his football skills were strong enough to get him inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe Invite Fans Into Their Lives With Superb Hall Of Fame Speeches

Shannon Sharpe and Deion Sanders delivered poignant, emotional Hall of Fame speeches on Saturday night, opening up and sharing a personal side with the world.


Deion Sanders Hall Of Fame Speech: 'Prime Time' Gives Inspirational Speech About Helping His Mother

After thanking a list of players, coaches and families that must have been over 100 individuals long (and included Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube), Deion Sanders finally began the inspirational portion of his Hall of Fame speech. At age seven, Sanders made a promise that he would make enough money one day to make sure that his mother didn't need to work another day in her life. When she heard this, she told him until that happened he needed to go out and mow lawns.

Sanders wanted to live a dream, but it one bigger than himself. If it's not, he said, then there's something wrong with the dram. It was to help his mother live a better life--that is what drove him to succeed. Every time he was told he couldn't do something, wasn't big enough or wouldn't succeed, he would just think of his mother and know that he could do it and overcome everything in his path. Like Shannon Sharpe doing everything for his grandmother, Sanders did it all for his mother.

Sanders felt the need to address the concerns over his tackling ability. As he told everyone, he responded that he tackled every single bill his mother handed to him over the years. Let there be no doubt, Sanders tackled the right problems.

Sanders brought full buses of his "Truth Family," children who are learning to live life as leaders. And he wants them to go out and help others to succeed just as he did.

His final act on the stage was to put his signature bandana on his bronze bust.


VIDEO: Deion Sanders Was A Hall Of Fame Salesman, As Well

Old commercials are always funny, especially old commercials involving Deion Sanders. On Saturday evening, Sanders will enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, a deserved honor for the man who may be the best cornerback of all-time. But Sanders was a versatile player and person, as evidenced by his amazing ability to pitch just about anything with a hard sell.

For example, did you know Sanders had his own hot dog cooker? It's true! Excuse the poor quality of this Youtube video, which looks like it was recorded at the beginning of the Internet.

H/T Darren Rovell

In better quality sales pitches, though I'm not sure what Sanders is selling here other than himself, here's a commercial featuring all your favorite Dallas Cowboys' personalities. The dramatic looks into the camera by Jerry Jones and Barry Switzer make this commercial outstanding, as well as the poorly edited cutaways of Sanders picking off a pass.

On a day that we celebrate Sanders' accomplishments on the field, lets not forget to applaud his work off it. If you'll excuse me, I need to track down that hot dog cooker immediately.


VIDEO: Deion Sanders Highlights From His Hall Of Fame Career

Deion Sanders put together quite a few highlights during his 14-year playing career. That should be obvious considering his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame -- and his nicknames of "Prime Time" and "Neon" -- but it seems there are always a few exciting things forgotten from a career that spanned two sports, three decades and five different NFL teams.

Luckily, there are plenty of highlights available to remember Sanders' career, starting all the way back to his time with the Florida State Seminoles in the 80s.

Following a career at Florida State that included his winning the Jim Thorpe award for the best defensive back in college football, Neon Deion took his talents to the Atlanta Falcons while also moonlighting as a baseball player for the New York Yankees and later the Atlanta Braves.

With the Falcons, Sanders primarily returned punts and kicks as a rookie, but his reputations as a shutdown cornerback came to light during the remainder of his five seasons in Atlanta.

Following his time with the Falcons, Sanders made a pit stop with the San Francisco 49ers for a season where he'd score three touchdowns on six interceptions and add 34 tackles to boot. Sanders spent only one season, but it was a good one as he was named the season's Defensive Player of the Year.

From the 49ers, Sanders took his talents to the Dallas Cowboys where he'd add wide receiver to his repertoire after Michael Irvin went down due to injury during the 1996 NFL season. Sanders was named to four Pro Bowls during his time in Dallas while showing his versatility where ever he was put on the field.

Sanders career wasn't exactly anything special after his time in Dallas as he spent a forgettable season with the Washington Redskins and then made a comeback with the Baltimore Ravens three seasons after retiring, but the memories of his career make him one of the most highlight video players of our generation.

And, you know what? As hard as some have tried, it's been proven impossible to forget about his (ill-advised) singing career.

Congratulations on being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Mr. Sanders.


Deion Sanders: A 'Neon' Cornerback And Kick Returner For Five Teams

The 'neon' two-sport star truly shined at football, which is why he's going into the hall.

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