NFL Week 3 Odds: Will The Colts' Losing Streak Last Forever?

Seven NFL teams have started 0-2 this season, and odds are stacked against turning things around to make the playoffs. But which team will have the longest losing streak? All content courtesy of SB Nation's odds partners at

So your team is one of seven to start the season 0-2 but you are holding out hope they will turn it around and make the playoffs. Good luck with that. Odds are stacked against you and your team and some sportsbooks are even daring fans to beat them on it.

“No 0-2 teams have made the playoffs the past two seasons and none did better than 7-9 last season,” says Mike Pickett, NFL odds analyst at SB Nation’s lines partner Odds Shark. “You basically have to bet $2 to make $1 at the sportsbook window.”

Indeed, the Colts, Seahawks, Rams, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings and Panthers sit at 0-2 and history tells us none will play in January. And among those teams, oddsmakers have called out the Colts as the team they believe will suffer through the longest losing streak of the season. [ Week 3 NFL odds ]

It’s not called Biggest Loser odds, but it could be. Last season, the Colts were preseason co-faves for the Super Bowl. This year, they are favored to be the laughing stock of the NFL.

Indy is 5/2 in this Week 3 prop and Brett Favre and Jeff George have been tweeted as Indy saviours.

Kansas City and Miami follow them at 9/2 while NFC West losers St. Louis and Seattle are 11/2. The Panthers have played well enough to be a serious threat to win and the Vikings host the Lions – a team that has started 0-2 the past three years but is 2-0 this time – on Sunday.

What does history tell us about 0-2 starts? Eight teams started 0-2 last year and none even made it back to .500 (not even NFC powerhouses Dallas and Minnesota). In 2009, nine teams lost two straight and two made it back to 8-8. History is a little fuzzier in 2008 as both the Dolphins and Vikings rallied for winning records.

Of course, 2008 saw the 0-16 season by Detroit and watching Kansas City play, bettors may think they are candidates to repeat that o-fer. Losing their best offensive player (Jamaal Charles) and best defensive player (Eric Berry) are crippling blows, but their win total remains at 4.5.

With so many 0-2 teams, there must be 2-0 teams and odds involving 2-0 teams. You’d be correct of course. If you can imagine it or talk about it, chances are you can bet on it.

The Patriots are favored to be the last undefeated team at 5/4 odds. Their Super Bowl odds also moved down this week at Bodog, creeping down to 9/2 from 5/1 last week. Believe it or not, Washington is the third choice at 5/1 on the win-streak prop, while their Super Bowl odds have shrunk from 100/1 to 45/1.

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