NFL Picks Week 3: Cardinals Vs. Seahawks

The Cardinals are the favorites against a dreadful Seattle team.

The Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks face off in a Week 3 matchup that will get relatively little attention nationally, with the Cardinals not having much of a national reputation and the Seahawks coming off a blowout and struggling with a quarterback problem. The Cardinals look like the favorites, with Vegas setting the line at about three points.

The Cardinals beat the Carolina Panthers in Week 1 before losing by one to the Washington Redskins in Week 2. The Seahawks, meanwhile, were beaten by the San Francisco 49ers and then badly by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both their rushing and passing offenses rank, at this point, as among the worst in the NFL.

Peter King has the Cardinals beating the Seahawks by 10:

Smartest thing for a Seattle fan to do these days? Watch the games on Saturday, not Sunday. And monitor Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley and Landry Jones. If your team keeps sliding, those are your best bets for 2012 quarterback.

Ouch - it's no fun to be told your team should be rooting for the No. 1 overall draft pick when you're an eighth of the way through the season.

SB Nation Arizona, meanwhile, sees the Cardinals as an easy choice.

The Seahawks have a horrible quarterback and an offense that's produced all of 17 total points while the defense has allowed 57 through two weeks. Yes, the home field advantage in Seattle used to be strong but with a team this bad it shouldn't matter. Perhaps the line reflects a lack of national respect for the Cardinals.

SB Nation Seattle, unsurprisingly, takes the Seahawks, due in part to their home-field advantage.

Going with the 'dog home team here. The Seahawks will finally play at home and the 12th man of the CLink will make things difficult for Arizona's offense. This will be a close one, but I'm going Seahawks.

At Yahoo!, Jason Cole and Yahoo! users pick the Cardinals, while Mike Silver and Les Carpenter take the Seahawks.

For more on the Cardinals, check out Revenge Of The Birds. For the Seahawks, there's Field Gulls.

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