Yes, Occupy The Super Bowl Is A Thing

From USA Today:

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A mix of union members and Occupy protesters from across Indiana marched through Super Bowl Village on Saturday in opposition to the state's proposed right-to-work legislation.

About 75 marchers weaved through packed crowds at the pre-game street fair in downtown Indianapolis in the first of what could be several such protests before the big game Feb. 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium. The protesters chanted "Occupy the Super Bowl" and carried signs that read "Fight the Lie" and "Workers United Will Prevail." Saturday was the second straight day of right-to-work protests in the Super Bowl Village.

{100 million Americans roll their eyes at once}

But wait!

First of all: If we could somehow send all the #Occupy protesters anywhere in America, wouldn't it be great to herd them all into Indianapolis and its surrounding towns? At the very least, they could be worked into a Parks and Rec episode, and that would bring us one step closer to Ron Swanson finally teaching those hippies a thing or two about what makes America great.


Second, there's this note from the AP story:

About 40 people picketed the opening of a zip line in the Village. The 800-foot zip line allows participants to clip onto a wire about 100 feet off the ground and glide almost two blocks.

Wait wait wait, THE SUPER BOWL VILLAGE HAS AN 800-FOOT ZIP LINE and that's where the Occupy protesters decide to picket? For God's sake, change is important, but have some perspective people. If Americans can't bond over insane urban ziplines, what's the point of freedom?

(photo via, which is also a thing)

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