Jordy Nelson leads fantasy receivers in Week 6 Impact Report

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Receivers had big days all around but some had slumps and at least one got hurt. Here is the breakdown of the impacts you need to know.

Trying something different on the Impact Report this week. I am mixing up The Good, The Bad, and The Injured in nice little packages so that you can more easily read what's going on. I hope it helps!

The Good


Sunday night, funday night, NBC. Something something something this is awful. I can't stand that little intro song that they do but it was worth it to see Nelson go off against the Texans. Nelson has been frustrating this year with one touchdown in five games and no 100-yard games but he has a tendency to go off at any moment. This was any moment: 9 catches, 121 yards, 3 touchdowns.

Without Greg Jennings, Aaron Rodgers still went off even with his usual Jermichael Finley frustrations. Randall Cobb had over 100 yards receiving and over 100 on returns. James Jones caught two touchdowns. Finley had only two catches on four targets and 12 yards, and there's speculation that he could be cut after the season if he doesn't pick it up.

Nelson stole the show, but be careful again next week against the difficult Rams passing defense. Wait what? Yeah, really.

A.J. Green against the Browns (GREAT BUT WAIT YOU LOST TO THE BROWNS?!)

I don't know if 7 catches, 135 yards and a touchdown can make up for a loss to the Cleveland Browns but it does keep reaffirming that Green is one of the elite receivers in the NFL. He now has 628 yards in six games and it's really hard to argue that anyone besides maybe Larry and Calvin are better than him. He has a touchdown in five straight games and is blowing away those other two in fantasy right now. Only Victor Cruz and Percy Harvin are competing against him in points.

However... you lost to the Browns?!

Wes Welker against the Seahawks (SPEAKING OF GOOD GAMES WHILE LOSING)

Welker became the first player to go over 100 yards against the Seahawks, finishing with 138 (plus 68 on returns) and a touchdown in a surprising loss in Seattle. Very few players have been successful in fantasy against the Hawks but Welker got his own, even after taking a beating on the field several times.

Wes is averaging over 100 yards per game after another hot start, catching ten of fourteen targets, while Brandon Lloyd caught half of his twelve targets for 80 yards - the second highest amount against Seattle this year. Aaron Hernandez also returned and caught six passes but they only went for 30 yards.

The Patriots take on the Jets this week, while the Hawks play the 49ers on Thursday in a game that could have an over/under around eight.

Dez Bryant against the Ravens (FINALLY SCORES... TWICE! AND ALSO LOSES)

Hmmm... these big fantasy performances aren't guaranteeing victory. Doesn't the NFL know that fantasy is all that matters? Bryant hadn't scored a touchdown this year but he went for two against the Ravens and 95 yards on 13 catches. He had over twice as many targets as Miles Austin, who finished with only 31 yards.

Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams (WHEN THE PLAN WORKS, IT WORKS)

The Buccaneers added deep threat Jackson in order to open up the passing game and help out Mike Williams and when it clicks, it really clicks. Jackson had 66 yards and two scores while Williams had 4 catches for 113 yards and his own touchdown. V-Jax has made a solid case as a WR2 while Williams is back to being a WR3/Flex.

And Josh Freeman didn't suck. Another good matchup next week against the Saints.

Honorable Mentions: Denarius Moore, Josh Gordon, Harvin, Jeremy Maclin

The Bad

Dwayne Bowe against the Bucs (QUINN'D?)

Bowe has been one of the most consistent receivers in the game, can we blame Brady Quinn for his 3 catch, 21 yard performance on Sunday against Tampa? Sure, why not. You can boo Matt Cassel, but you didn't honestly think that Quinn was better. The Cassel injury is even more devastating for fantasy owners after today's performances, and could officially send Romeo Crennel on his way.

Sure, I feel bad for Crennel, but what about my fantasy team?!

Hakeem Nicks against the 49ers (WELL, TO BE FAIR HE WAS HURT ALL WEEK)

Nicks managed to get himself activated for the Giants big games against San Francisco and while they won the game, Nicks left fantasy owners in want. Honestly, it would have been hard to bench the number one receiver but he was coming off of injury and that could have contributed to his 44 yard day.

If there aren't any setbacks, he should be a good start against the Redskins this week.

Antonio Browns against the Titans (WELL, THAT WHOLE THING WAS A DISASTER)

Face it... the Steelers aren't that good right now. They seem to be in a tailspin that started with losing to Tim Tebow in the playoffs last year that has continued to losses against the Raiders and Titans in 2012. Bryant was not part of the problem but he only caught 4 passes for 20 yards on ten targets.

The Steelers try to bounce back against the just-lost-to-Browns Bengals.


Not only did Hartline not get a single catch against St. Louis, he didn't get a single target. The Rams didn't let any Dolphins receiver top 50 yards, but not even a Hartline target? He'll remain near the top of the leaderboards but with a goose egg in Week 6 and a bye in Week 7, he's falling.

Hold steady and stash him on the bench for now.

Michael Crabtree against the Giants (THAT'S THE CRABTREE WE WERE USED TO)

After 114 yards in Week 5, Crabtree was held to 26 yards against the soft pass defense of the Giants. What to do now? Crabtree was a bench receiver to start the year and he's a bench receiver now. Plug him for bye weeks and play him in great matchups but he's not a consistent fantasy receiver.

Honorable Mentions: Victor Cruz (saved by a touchdown), Austin, Julio Jones, Torrey Smith, Reggie Wayne

The Injured

Brandon Lloyd hurt his shoulder laying out for a pass late in the loss to Seattle.

Pierre Garcon went back to being inactive due to his foot injury.

Darrius Heyward-Bey returned but was held catchless.

Lardarius Webb won't be in the Ravens pass defense for the rest of the year due to a torn ACL.

Morris Claiborne left the Cowboys game but returned later.

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