NFL picks, Week 7: AFC is on the line with Ravens vs. Texans

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The only two AFC teams with a winning record meet in Week 7.

Another week of NFL picks, another chance for me to pick five games correctly. Yes, five. That's how many games I got right in Week 6. My excuse is that there were a lot of underdogs on fire last week so I don't feel too bad about it.

This week, though, I've fixed my pick problems. These are all accurate.

Your Week 7 picks:

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Seahawks vs. 49ers

The Thursday Night Football schedule kinda sucks -- at least compared to Sunday night and Monday night -- so this is a nice treat, a meaningful game between two legit teams. The 49ers have the third ranked defense in the NFL, while the Seahawks are second. I'm picking San Francisco but with Seattle's defense I can't say I'm overly confident about the pick.

The pick: 20-14, 49ers

Browns vs. Colts

The Colts are only 3-point favorites at home, which means this is really a toss up. The Browns are feeling high after their first win of the season, Trent Richardson will gut it out this weekend despite a rib injury and the Browns will prove me right once again. I picked them last weekend, and they won. I'm picking them this weekend so surely they'll win again.

The pick: 21-20, Browns

Cowboys vs. Panthers

Anyone out there still waiting for the Panthers to break out? Anyone? I was one of those folks in the preseason who made the Panthers a dark horse playoff pick. And now I'm trying to burn my preseason predictions. The Panthers have lost their last two by a combined six points, to the Falcons and Seahawks, so they're getting better. In Dallas, I still can't figure out what the Cowboys do well. Does anyone know?

The pick: 28-24, Panthers


Cardinals vs. Vikings

No one expected this to be a matchup of two 4-2 teams. The Cardinals were not supposed to be a good team, and the Vikings weren't supposed to be this good. Arizona will be rolling in with John Skelton after Kevin Kolb took a shot to the ribs. A new quarterback against the Vikings defense isn't a good idea.

The pick: 24-9, Vikings

Packers vs. Rams

Aaron Rodgers looked like Aaron Rodgers again last week. That's not good news for the Rams. They won't be celebrating their return to .500 this week.

The pick: 35-20, Packers

Ravens vs. Texans

Get this: there are only two teams in the AFC with a winning record. The rest are at 3-3 or a losing record. Your two winning teams meet in this game, the 5-1 Ravens and the 5-1 Texans. Houston is a touchdown favorite following the loss of Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb in Baltimore. The Ravens can recover from this, but not in one week.

The pick: 31-23, Texans


Redskins vs. Giants

The Giants are the better team, everyone knows that. But RGIII is the best example of what a difference a good quarterback can make. The Redskins are relevant because of him. The Giants are going to win this game but the Redskins will keep it competitive.

The pick: 21-20, Giants

Titans vs. Bills

Teams like the Titans are what makes picking games tough. They'll lose by 20-plus points to the Patriots, Chargers, Texans and Vikings. Then beat the Steelers and Lions. Does that make any sense at all? And don't even get me started on Buffalo. They're even harder to figure out. This is my best guess.

The pick: 22-19, Bills

Saints vs. Buccaneers

Not an easy game to pick. The Bucs had lost three in a row before crushing the Chiefs by four touchdowns. The Saints, meanwhile, are 1-4 yet coming off a win over the Chargers. All of New Orleans' losses come by one score. If they can figure the defense out, they can still make a run, however unlikely that may be.

The pick: 34-24, Saints


Jaguars vs. Raiders

Ugh. No. Don't make me watch this. NO!!!!!

The pick: 16-13, Raiders

Jets vs. Patriots

Remember when this was a huge game, like in 2009 when the Jets were really good? Now it's just a game. The Jets don't have the offense to hang with New England. That's pretty much all you need to know about this one.

The pick: 38-17, Patriots

Steelers vs. Bengals

This is actually a big game, especially in the AFC North. The Bengals hold a half game lead over the Steelers for second place in the division. A loss now would put the Steelers in serious trouble at 2-4. The problem for Cincy is that it doesn't beat Pittsburgh very often. It's been three years since it has and the Steelers have won nine of the last 11. So, bet on Pittsburgh.

The pick: 20-16, Steelers

Charles LeClaire-USPRESSWIRE

Lions vs. Bears

We finally get another look at the Bears, the fifth-ranked team in SB Nation's latest power rankings. They're 4-1 and while inconsistent in some areas, they still look like one of the league's best teams. They've owned the Lions lately, winning all but one game dating back to 2008. That domination should continue because Chicago is playing lights out on both sides of the ball -- second-ranked offense and top-ranked defense. It's hard to find a weakness right now (besides Cutler's smoking habits, of course).

The pick: 31-21, Bears

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