Von Miller on sack dances, Tim Tebow, Peyton Manning, and life necessities

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Star Broncos linebacker Von Miller talks to SB Nation.

SB Nation recently had a chance to talk to Von Miller for a few minutes during his bye week with the Broncos. Below, he talks about his partnership with Ubisoft and the Hip Hop Dance Experience, the Broncos ridiculous comeback against the Chargers last week, and of course, the best tatooo in the NFL.

Without further ado ...

On his partnership with Ubisoft and his charity:

I'm working with Ubisoft and the Hip Hop Dance Experience to try get a great sack dance. I've been doing dances and stuff so I thought it was a perfect fit to link up with these guys. Every time I do my sack dance, they donate $1,000 to my foundation, which is Von's Vision. They give out contact lenses, glasses, and free eye exams to underprivileged kids.

That's the dance I did Monday. I haven't perfected it yet, but I'm still practicin'.

On criticism of sack celebrations:

I haven't heard too much criticism. Fans enjoy it. It's the entertainment of sport, and whatever you can bring into play, show emotion like that, I think it's a good deal.


The Broncos' mindset when they were down 24-0 at San Diego:

We've been in this situation before, we know what type of team we are. And whenever we get down, we know that we put ourselves in that situation, so we knew we could get out of it. All we had to do is play Bronco football, and finish the game off.

How the Broncos defense took control:

I just think we [forced them] to make some decisions they didn't really wanna make.

The difference between life with Tebow and life with Peyton:

The biggest thing is, we got new guys playing, but as far as the guys we have in our locker room, it's still the same system. Everybody wants to win, and especially when you have a guy like Peyton Manning, you instantly have a chance to win. We just gotta take it one play at a time, one game at a time, and hopefully we can get it done.

Whether Peyton has given him any advice:

Not any advice like sitting down and talking to me, but I watch him every day when he comes in, I see how consistent he works every day, and how he interacts with the guys on his team, how he handles success and failure ... I watch him and he does a great job every day, just coming in consistent. Just being Peyton Manning.

His other role models in football:

Me and Elvis Dumervil have a really close relationship. Like a brother relationship. He gives me a lot of advice, not only on how to rush the passer, but how to be that leader in the organization. I watch all the guys that do it successfully. Clay Matthews, DeMarcus Ware... All the guys that play my position and do a good job, I try to take something from all those guys and apply it to my game.

On whether he resented the lack of attention he and the defense got last year:

Not at all. We're talking about Tim Tebow here, you can't take the spotlight away from Tim. He's a great guy, everybody loves to be around him, I like to be around him. We didn't have that problem, I think Tim handled it great, we watched the way Tim handled it, and we handled it well, too.

His goals for the rest of the year:

Just taking it one play at a time, and if I can do that, then all the other stuff will come.

Whether he player safety concerns ever gets him worried about football's future:

I don't worry about it too much. We all knew the risks that were in place. That's why we get compensated the way we do. It's not an easy game. If it was an easy game everybody would be out there playing. I'd rather play football than do anything else. There's no other job in the world that has as many ups, as many downs, as we have in the National Football League, and that's why I enjoy about it. No matter what happens the week before, you have a chance to come out there and play. We all know the risks that come with that, [but] that's why I love the game.

On his reputation as the NFL's no. 1 hipster:

I heard about it a little, but I don't really let it go to my head. I just do me, and take it one day at a time. It's just me. I just put whatever on.

On giving Peyton Manning fashion advice:

(laughing) No, I haven't given him any advice like that.

On his famous tattoo:

I got a minor in poultry science, with chickens and turkeys. That's where the chicken leg came from. And that's just the basic necessities in life. You got money, you can't really... I mean you can do a lot of things without money, but money sure does make a lot of things easier. And the chicken stands for meat--you have to eat, you have to have the necessities. And the watermelon stands for the sweet stuff in life, that comes with gettin' the meat, and having the funds to do so.


As we concluded things: "You're just out here reppin for poultry science, huh?"

"Yezzzur," he said.

We all need Von Miller to be our life coach. Yezzzur.

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