Steelers vs. Giants is the hottest ticket in Week 9

Nick Laham

According to TiqIQ, the Steelers vs. Giants is the week's most expensive ticket in the NFL.

Hurricane Sandy has shaken the east coast and the entire nation to it's core. With the nation's eye on the aftermath of the storm you can imagine business will take a hit -- especially when it comes to something like sports, and in this case, NFL tickets.

Take a look at the highest priced tickets in Week 9, courtesy of TiqIQ:

1. Steelers @ Giants - Avg Price: $503 | Get-in Price: $179 | Weekly Trend: -18%

Could this be a potential Super Bowl preview?

The Steelers (4-3) aren't exactly an elite unit at the moment but the Giants (6-2) are currently looking every bit the part of a defending champ. Regardless, our most expensive ticket of the week (as well as Pitt's most expensive home game) is well warranted with these two teams.

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2. Vikings @ Seahawks - Avg Price: $435 | Get-in Price: $112 | Weekly Trend: +22%

The 4-4 Seahawks think they could be (or should be) 8-0. I might remind Pete Carroll and Co. that they should have lost to the Packers on that controversial call. Regardless, the Seahawks are one of the most competitive teams in the league, and they have been in every game they've played this year.

They also have loyal fans, and that's a big reason why they come in at No. 2 on the list this week. Add Adrian Peterson and the electrifying Percy Harvin to the ticket, and there's your explanation for this game as Seattle's third most expensive ticket of the year (only behind Green Bay and New England).

Bank on a defensive battle, but a hard-fought close finish in Seattle.

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3. Bills @ Texans - Avg Price: $363 | Get-in Price: $90 | Weekly Trend: +17%

Think Texans fans like this whole "winning" thing? Houston made the playoffs last year, but the team has only gotten better in 2012.

Houston has just one loss at home (and overall) this year, which is a great reason why their fans haven't even begun to consider skipping out on a home game. Buffalo doesn't present much of a threat on paper, but fans will take a second straight blowout over a nail-biter.

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4. Cowboys @ Falcons - Avg Price: $308 | Get-in Price: $81 | Weekly Trend: +2%

If you haven't noticed by now, the Cowboys are quite a draw. No matter who or where they play, they sell tickets. Whether it's being done with flawless offense or defense or simply adding more drama to the league, they draw a lot of attention.

Add the undefeated Falcons to the mix, and you've got your fourth most expensive NFL game of the week. It only makes sense as Atlanta is at home (where they rarely lose), stands unbeaten and butt heads with America's team.

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5. Eagles @ Saints - Avg Price: $285| Get-in Price: $59 | Weekly Trend: -15%

While neither team is above .500, both the Eagles and Saints can remain in the running for a potential playoff spot with a win.

We are now halfway through the 2012 season, and discovering some interesting things: despite ho-hum spots in the standings, the Steelers, Packers, Saints and Eagles all continue to sell tickets.

On paper, this week's top-five makes a ton of sense. Now let's see if the matchups can live up to the hype.

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