Redskins vs. Cowboys: Rob Ryan, Jerry Jones were impressed by RGIII in their own special way


RGIII left Dallas fans disappointed and in awe. It was the same for the coaches and owner Jerry Jones.

Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan offered his take on RGIII in the most Rob Ryan way possible.

Here's what Ryan told ESPN after the game:

"We only had two days to get ready for all that crap, and I thought we were actually OK on the college stuff. It's just they out-executed us throwing the deep ball."

It should come as no surprise that Rob Ryan is like your father, labeling anything he's not quite sure of as "crap," even if he is somewhat starstruck by it. Ryan expounded on the Redskins' rookie sensation in his remarks after the game:

"That kid's a hell of a football player. Hell, there's a reason you trade half your team to get that kid. Hell, with him and Luck, they're going to be two great quarterbacks for a long time. The kid played really well. We were trying to hit him, (shoot) believe me. But you put that kid in there with (Redskins coach) Mike Shanahan, that's a pretty good combination, and it's going to be pretty good for a long, long time."

That has to be more than a little concerning for the Cowboys, a team still trying to find its way while carrying the weight of expectations.

RGIII is obviously not "crap" and neither is the offensive package built around him. Shanahan has taken the rare coaching move of putting his ego aside and letting the system work around his quarterback, a lesson learned from coaching another great one in John Elway oh so long ago.

Jerry Jones was weirdly sad and impressed by RGIII, the sort of emotional experience that comes from watching your team be further dismantled by an underdog with a really special talent that any football fan would appreciate.

Here's the collected words of Jerry from the Washington Post:

"I was very disappointed, but I was in awe of RGIII. The plays that he was making - they made some great catches, they made some great plays. It was unbelievable the plays they were making."

Jones has seen RGIII before, pretty recently in fact when the kid was a college sensation tearing through the state of Texas and the country with the Baylor Bears:

"I have to almost pinch myself to realize that he was out here playing against Texas Tech about a year ago, and here he is really doing a number on us. And he did that."

Dallas has another game this season against Washington, in Week 17. That game's already haunting Jerry:

"We've got to play better, and we've got to play this team again, too. And we'll be playing them at their home, and that's gonna be quite a challenge."

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