That one time Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor raced to Key West

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Because pro athletes are the best.

Clinton Portis was on 106.7 The Fan with Danny Rouhier and Holden Kushner this week to remember Sean Taylor. Then somewhere in the middle of the memories a Puff Daddy video broke out (transcript via DC Sports Bog):

"Man, I have so, so many memories of Sean," Portis said on the Holden and Danny program Tuesday morning. "I remember when the [BMW] 760 first came out, and he was the first one with it. I had just got a Ferrari, and we raced down from Miami to Key West. It was just silly stuff that people didn’t even get the opportunity to see or participate in. It was us, young and having fun.

"We went down to the Keys and had a blast that weekend," he continued. "Just all the memories, stuff that people would take for granted when you look back. We’re going down a two-lane highway doing 140, 150, and we made it safely. Just how dangerous that was, and we walked away from it."


That is so awesome.

Some might take this opportunity to get all preachy about athletes and responsibility, but they walked away without a scratch, so NOPE. That's not the lesson here. No, everyone knows that pro athletes live ridiculous lives, but every now and then a story pops up to remind us that it's all ten times more ridiculous than we could possibly imagine. Like when Tyreke Evans was caught in a $95,000 Mercedes going 130 MPH down the freeway just out of boredom. Or that story of LeBron in Las Vegas. Or, Clinton Portis and this offhand anecdote about the time he raced his Ferrari against Sean Taylor's BMW at 150 mph for 153 miles.

The best part:

"The crazy thing is, my car caught on fire after that. My car caught on fire. We made it to our destination, we got to the resort, and the car was acting funny. And by the time we got back to Miami I called the store up and told ‘em something was wrong with the car, and while we was trying to deliver the car, it caught fire. I don’t know what happened."

If he'd deliberately set the car on fire after the race, this really would've been the best 90s rap video of all time. But either way, we need video of that conversation with the Ferarri dealership, and maybe a Billy Corben documentary about the entire weekened.

And this has been your semi-regular reminder that pro sports are the greatest, and in particular, a reminder that It's All About The U, always and forever.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

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