Anonymous players say Cam Newton disrespected his elders


Anonymous NFL players say that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton disrespected NFL veterans when he was at the Pro Bowl back in January.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has not made many friends this season, and a new report shows that some NFL players don't like him. what with his attitude and the fact that the Panthers have seemingly regressed, going 3-9 so far this season. It could be that all the ill-will and bad karma that has surrounded Newton this season started back at the Pro Bowl back in January:

"He was a total ----hole," one AFC player said. "Who did he think he was? He acted like the big s---. Here he was at his first game and he acted like he was the star. Guys didn't like that."

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco has interviewed several players that were put off by his attitude at the Pro Bowl earlier this year. One player said that he asked for an autograph for his kids at a function and Newton refused:

"Who the hell did he think they were?" said one player. "The only people around are families. He knew that. Yet he big-timed the guy by saying 'now's not the time.'"

Another player said that Newton actually dissed Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis while in Hawaii:

"That's the godfather there," one player said. "Can you believe he did that?"

While Lewis denied that the event took place, several AFC players confirmed the incident happened. Many league sources confirmed to Prisco that Newton was aloof and isolated during the week, which may have shifted some players' perception of him from shy to being a prima donna.

When Newton played in the Pro Bowl, some of the AFC defenders ramped up their aggression and took it out on Newton, which surprised the NFC players, according to Prisco:

They started rushing him. We were like, 'what are they doing? This is the Pro Bowl.' They didn't attempt that with the other guys. They went after him. He better learn soon. You don't want to go out there and get hurt at the Pro Bowl."

Newton declined to comment on the matter through a team spokesman, but it looks like he's got damage control to do.

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