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Nike Unveils New NFL Uniforms; Seahawks Only Drastic Change

Nike unveiled its updated NFL jerseys for all 32 teams on Tuesday, including the Seahawks, who had big changes to their uniforms.

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Nike's NFL Uniforms Could Soon Include Throwback Jerseys

There was plenty of buzz on Tuesday surrounding the unveiling of Nike's new NFL uniforms for 2012. The company is beginning a new exclusive contract with the NFL and wanted to make a splash with an enormous press conference and presentation.

While the only team that received a major overhaul from 2011 was the Seattle Seahawks, Nike only unveiled each team's home uniform on Tuesday. The away uniforms are expected to be similarly conservative, but the league and Nike are both keeping alternate uniforms under wraps for the time being -- including potential throwback jerseys.

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Will Brinson of CBS Sports reports that Nike's Creative Director of Football, Todd Van Horne, stressed the importance of getting the home and away uniforms in line first before moving on to throwbacks and alternates. Van Horne stated that throwback jerseys are something that has been discussed with the league and will be a potential option for any team that wants to go that route.

"Some of it is yet to come," Van Horne said Tuesday. "The NFL has very strong rules about what happens on the third jersey and alternate colors. So a lot of that is individual and team choice about what's going to happen."

"We will work with the teams as they go," Van Horne said. "It's individual teams' choices if they want to do that or not. So that's something we're working with them on."

The throwback jerseys have been so popular in years that it would be a surprise if Nike did not produce any this season.

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Roger Goodell On Nike's New NFL Uniforms

On Tuesday, the new NFL uniforms for the 2012 season were unveiled. This season marks the first in a new contract with Nike, which will hold the exclusive license to manufacture uniforms and jerseys for the league.

Although most of the new designs were very similar to those in place last season, the final year of Reebok's contract with the NFL, there were tweaks here and there, as well as an overhaul of the Seattle Seahawks uniform.

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Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a big fan of the new uniforms.

"There's always a balance between innovation and tradition, and I think you'll see that in the NFL. Some teams will lean toward the tradition," Goodell said. "... Some teams will want to push the envelope a little bit, from a look standpoint, and that's fine. We want them to do that along with fans."

"The only uniformity we want is how the uniform is worn, not in the look," he said. "We think part of being professional as a league is having a uniform code. We get some criticism for that, but it's a part of looking professional."

It remains to be seen how much fans will like the new uniforms and, more importantly for both the league and Nike, how that will translate to jersey sales. But staying with a traditional approach in the first year of the deal was more or less a no-brainer.

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VIDEO: Brian Orakpo Hopes Nike's New NFL Jerseys Help Him Avoid Holding

One angle on Nike's new NFL jerseys that hasn't really been touched on is how it'll affect defenders trying to get past offensive linemen. Most of the new uniforms include new fabric so it makes you wonder if offensive linemen who like to (illegally) hold defenders will lose their advantage.

SB Nation's Hogs Haven attended the Nike uniform unveiling and caught up with LB Brian Orakpo to ask him if the new jerseys will help him avoid holding from opposing offensive linemen.

Hogs Haven: "Redskins fans are used to you getting held and dragged. Do you think this will help?"

Orakpo: "We hope so. That's the goal. That's why they made this stuff for me, man."

Orakpo knows a little bit about uncalled holding penalties. It'll be interesting to see the difference in the actual fabric.

Check out the video of their exchange below. And view more videos from SB Nation on YouTube.


Cost Of Nike's New NFL Jerseys

With Nike unveiling their new NFL jerseys, this means that fans will be buying a different jersey in the store. It also means that fans will be paying a different price and will now have three different uniforms to chose from.

Instead of Reebok's standard replica and game day jerseys previously available, Nike will now offer three different variations of the new NFL jerseys. The first will be the game day jersey, which will be a standard replica, while the next level have some of the features of the actual game worn jerseys. Then of course, you can pick up the actual game day jersey for the low, low price of just $250.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on Nike's new NFL uniforms.


Nike's NFL Uniform Changes Aren't For Everyone

Nike's new NFL uniforms hit the public on Tuesday and the Seattle Seahawks are the team with the biggest change as they completely re-worked their jersey with some new colors. Other teams saw minor changes, like the Chiefs and Bears moving their numbers from the sleeves to the shoulder pads.

Photos: Seahawks New Uniforms | Every Team's Uniform Change | SB Nation On YouTube

The jerseys are said to be lighter and stronger allowing for freer movement from the athletes. But not every team has the new fabric. Nike has detailed information on every team and at least three teams -- Oakland Raiders, Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers -- have chosen to stay with their "former uniform fabrication" in the 2012 season.

That brings up a good point -- that teams had a say in all of this. Nike doesn't make the decision on teams changing anything to their uniform. They suggest concepts to the teams but the teams, along with the NFL, are the ones who make the final decision on any uniform changes. Some teams, like the four listed above, weren't interested in all the changes available.

Check out our StoryStream for the rest of the uniform changes.


Nike's New NFL Uniforms Include Changes To Cleats

While we've been talking about Nike and the new NFL uniforms that they're unveiling, it's not just the jerseys that are changing -- the cleats are, too. Nike not only changed the material of the jerseys and pants, they also made changes to the cleats that players will wear in 2012.

Here's a look at an example of the cleats, the Kansas City Chiefs:


Nike explains the details behind the new cleats on their website:

The Nike Vapor Talon Elite cleat is designed to maximize speed with premium performance attributes including adaptive traction, Hyperfuse construction and carbon fiber strength. Utilizing the best of Nike's proven technologies, it provides lightweight traction and durability and a lockdown fit. Built for diverse ground conditions, the adaptive traction system utilizes on-demand forefoot talon cleats for multi-directional field movement.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on Nike's new NFL uniforms.


Nike's New NFL Uniforms: Technology Behind The Changes

Nike, the NFL's new uniform and apparel provider, didn't just change the color schemes of their new uniforms -- they enhanced the technology as well. The new uniforms are lighter, stronger and more form-fitting to allow no distractions for the player while he's on the field.

Nike explained some of the technological changes they made to the uniforms:

  • LIGHTER - The Nike jersey and pant, wet or dry are lighter than previous versions
  • FLYWIRE TECHNOLOGY- Eliminates layers, reduces weight, and provides lockdown fit
  • ZONED MESH VENTILATION - Provides cooling zones for optimal thermoregulation
  • ZONED STRENGTH - High tenacity, stretch material, for light weight lockdown strength.
  • CUT FOR MOBILITY - Four-way stretch, hydrophobic materials enable range of motion wet or dry.
  • STRETCH TWILL NUMBERS - Four-way stretch even on numbering system
  • CUSTOMIZABLE BASELAYER PADDING - Nike Pro Combat Hyperstrong baselayer with integrated lightweight, Deflex padding offering customizable flexible protection.
  • DEFLEX PADDING - Lightweight, flexible impact protection integrated into top "hit zone" areas
  • ALUMINUM D-RING BELT - Aircraft-grade aluminum D-ring belt reduces weight.

There's obviously a lot more that goes into jerseys than I realized.

So far, the Seahawks are the only team with major changes but more will likely be coming in future years.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on Nike's new NFL uniforms.


Nike's New NFL Uniforms: Photo Of All 32 Teams

Nike unveiled the new uniforms for every NFL team at a Tuesday unveiling in New York. While most teams didn't see significant changes, there are tweaks here and there. The Seattle Seahawks had major changes to their uniforms (pictures of Seahawks new uniforms) but most of the other changes are minor. The Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears, for example, moved their numbers from the sleeves to their shoulder pads (picture here). Other teams, like the Jaguars, are expected to see some changes down the road, but not in 2012. The Panthers also have a new logo, which you can see here.

The uniforms are said to be 20 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger than the previous ones. The jerseys will stay to form whether it's dry or wet. Technologically, they seem pretty advanced. Players have said it allows for more free movement.

Here's a look at every team's new uniform from Nike (via @SportingNews)


Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on Nike's new NFL uniforms.


PHOTOS: Panthers New Uniforms And Helmet

While the only team with a drastic uniform change at Nike's uniform reveal was the Seattle Seahawks, some teams still had tweaks to their uniforms and helmets. One team who tweaked a bit was the Carolina Panthers, as CBS Sports' Will Brinson tweeted some photos of the Panthers new uniforms and helmet.

There's a bit of glitter fleck in the Panthers helmets and the lettering on the jersey is tweaked a bit, but for the most part the uniforms are the same as they have been the past few seasons.

The big difference in the uniforms will be noticed by the players, as Nike claims they are 20 percent lighter and 50 percent stronger than past uniforms.

For more on the Carolina Panthers and their uniform and helmet, visit SB Nation's Panthers blog Cat Scratch Reader.


Seahawks New Uniforms Are Lighter And Stronger

Nike is the new uniform and apparel provider of the NFL and unveiled some of the changes to NFL uniforms on Tuesday, most notably to the Seattle Seahawks. Their uniforms were the biggest change of them all, as Nike and the Seahawks completely re-worked the look.

You can see pictures of the Seahawks new uniforms here.

The colors on the jersey are officially called wolf grey, college navy and action green. There are 12 feathers down the side of the pant leg, which is a tribute to the 12th Man, Seahawks fans. The Seahawks say the jerseys are 20 percent lighter yet 50 percent stronger. Kam Chancellor, who modeled the new jersey for the Seahawks, said the jersey allows you more movement, which will in turn allow him to make more plays. The jersey will keep its form whether it's wet or dry.

The biggest change, besides the colors, seem to be that it's lighter and more form fitting allowing for better movement.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on the new Nike NFL uniforms.


Seahawks New Uniforms: Pictures Of Nike's Changes

Nike has taken over as the NFL's uniform and apparel provider and on Tuesday hosted an event to unveil the new uniforms. The Seattle Seahawks may have had the biggest change, as among other tweaks they added some green to their uniforms.

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The Seahawks new uniforms include both home and away jerseys along with an alternate jersey. You can see their old jerseys here and compare them with the new ones. It's a pretty big change to almost every part of the jersey, including the lines on the shoulder pad and the neon green surrounding the colors. In all, the Seahawks have three new uniforms with nine different combinations.

The Seahawks are the only team that we know of at this point with significant changes to their uniform. Many of the changes to the uniforms of other teams will simply be in the way they fit instead of the look .

Here are a few shots of the Seahawks new uniforms, courtesy of the team's website:





Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on Nike's new NFL uniforms. And check out SB Nation on YouTube for video coverage of the NFL.


Nike NFL Uniforms: Jaguars Jerseys Aren't That Different Yet

Nike is unveiling its new NFL uniforms on Tuesday, and some images of the new uniforms have already began to leak out. One uniform in particular that was shared on Twitter by the Jacksonville Jaguars official account shows the team's teal uniforms with no drastic changes at all.

Photos: Seahawks New Uniforms

The biggest change on the Jaguars' jersey for 2012 seems to be replacing the Reebok logo with the Nike Swoosh, but the team also plans to have a complete uniform overhaul for the 2013 NFL season, completely re-designed by Nike. The Jaguars will also have black alternate uniforms in 2012, with talk of potentially going with black as their dominant color with the new jersey in the 2013 season.

To find more information on the Jacksonville Jaguars, visit SB Nation's Jaguars blog Big Cat Country and SB Nation Tampa Bay.

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Nike's NFL Uniform Unveiling: Pictures Of The New Apparel

Nike is the new uniform and apparel provider of the NFL and they will be unveiling the new uniforms and jerseys on Tuesday morning at 11 a.m. (ET). Most teams won't see a change in their uniform color scheme or logo but some, like the Seattle Seahawks, are expected to see changes.

Photos: Seahawks New Uniforms | Subscribe To SB Nation On YouTube

But it's not just the uniforms that we're waiting on. It's also the other apparel like shirts, sweatshirts and shorts. Team websites have been selling these since Nike got the NFL contract so they're not completely brand new. ESPN's UniWatch has passed along a few pictures of some of the new apparel, like shirts and shorts, but my favorite has to be the gloves. Here's a shot of them while we wait on the first look at the jerseys:


Here's a shot of the new sweatshirts and shorts:


A player from all 32 NFL teams is in attendance in New York for the unveiling so there will be photos of the new uniforms. The color schemes for most teams won't change but the technology of the actual uniform is different so there will be slight changes.


New Nike NFL Uniforms And Jerseys May Not Look That Different

Nike is the new uniform provider of the NFL, which means some teams will be getting new uniforms. It's believed that the Seattle Seahawks will see fairly significant changes to their uniform design, but for most teams, the new Nike uniforms won't mean new colors.

Nike is set to unveil the new uniforms on Tuesday at 11 a.m. (ET).

Photos: Seahawks New Uniforms

But teams will be getting new uniforms -- kind of. The color scheme of most uniforms may not change but the technology behind the actual uniforms will, as Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand recently explained.

"You're not going to see a lot of visual difference," Lions president Tom Lewand recently told season ticket holders at a town hall meeting. "It'll look very much the same as the uniforms that we have right now so everybody wearing your (Ndamukong) Suh jerseys and your (Matthew) Stafford jerseys, you're safe.

"What will be different is the technology behind the uniform. You'll see a lot more of the fabrics and the lines and the makeup that you see in quite frankly a lot of major college programs. That'll be the big change for us out of the gate."

The Lions actually changed their logo in 2009 and there's an NFL rule that you can not change your logo twice in five years, which is news to me. So the Lions, even if they wanted to, couldn't make changes to their uniforms.

But other teams will. We'll find out what those changes are at 11 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday.

Check out the SB Nation Channel on YouTube


Nike's NFL Uniforms To Be Unveiled On Tuesday

NFL fans have been waiting for it and it's almost here. Nike, who took over as the NFL's official provider of equipment and apparel as of April 1, will be unveiling all kinds of new gear, including uniforms, at a launch in New York on Tuesday. Players from every NFL team will be there to showcase the new look.

Some teams will be seeing tweaks to their uniforms but Nike has kept that under lock and key since announcing they would take over the NFL contract. Teams like the Seahawks are expected to see some changes to their uniforms while traditional teams like the Packers likely won't see any changes.

Reebok, the former outfitter of the NFL, sold about $500 million in gear last year, which Nike should top this year.

"In addition to what the sales are there's going to be some pipeline-filling as well, just to get the racks in the stores filled back up," said Powell, an analyst at Charlotte, N.C.-based One Source Sports. "It could be as much as $750 million in the first year...Nike taking over the license here will rejuvenate licensed apparel as fashion."

Team hats are coming from New Era.

Click here for an example of some of the new apparel Nike will be rolling out.


Nike's NFL Uniforms Will Be Unveiled April 3

Nike Inc. is set to unveil their updated NFL jerseys for all 32 teams on April 3 as a part of a five-year apparel license contract signed with the league.

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