Andrew Luck Is Smart, Witty, Consistent, AND Beautiful


The NFL world has been buzzing over Robert Griffin III over the past month or so, and after spending 18 months as the presumptive no. 1 pick in the NFL Draft, Stanford's Andrew Luck suddenly has some competition for the top spot. And his quarterback coach doesn't like it.

George Whitfield, Jr. spoke to the Indy Star this weekend about all the hype (or lack thereof):

"[Luck is] constantly being categorized as being safe, the sure thing, almost to the point where it's a negative like there's a ceiling, no apparent way for him to get better,'' Whitfield said. "It's like they're describing a girl you've never seen as smart, witty, funny, consistent, without saying anything about her physically.


"Let me tell you: He's far from a finished product."

And that's what makes him great, obviously.

"...there are still things he's working on mechanically and there are lots of things he'll get better at by being in the NFL. People are now seeing him throw those intermediate and perimeter passes, and those are throws he's been dying to make. You don't think David Shaw (Luck's coach at Stanford) didn't want to make more of those perimeter throws or go downtown more during the season? But look at Stanford's skill position guys. You can only spend within the budget you have."

So now we're throwing his Stanford teammates under the bus? Okay then!

"If [the Colts] over-think this, they're going to make a mistake they'll regret for years."

Right. Okay. Whitfield's got an impeccable reputation, so nobody's questioning his skills in evaluating in talent. But RGIII is great, too; the whole point of this draft is that there can be no mistakes among the top two picks. They both look great on paper, film, in interviews, practice, whatever. All anyone's saying this year is that there's room for debate among some of the best QB prospects in 20 years. No reason to get all defensive about things.

Or, you could get really defensive and catty about all this, and literally say that nobody thinks your quarterback is pretty. God I love the NFL Draft.

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