Vikings Talked To Bill Parcells, But Not Recently

The Vikings reportedly approached Bill Parcells about his interest in coming to Minnesota but the talks didn't happen recently and a deal between the two sides is not expected to happen.

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Bill Parcells Won't Join Saints; Interim Coach To Come From Within?

New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton appealed his season-long suspension this week and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell denied the appeal, which means the Saints now need an interim coach. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, that interim coach will not be Bill Parcells.

Shortly after the Saints punishment was announced, reports surfaced that Payton had talked to Parcells about taking the job. Judging by what each side said, it seemed like Parcells coaching the Saints for one season was a legitimate possibility, but that apparently won't be happening anymore.

Perhaps one of the reasons Parcells opted not to take the job is that his five-year clock to be admitted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame would have been reset, meaning he'd have to wait another five years to be eligible again. Parcells was a finalist for the Hall of Fame earlier this year but did not get in. It's previously been reported that resetting the clock on his Hall of Fame bid would be a big factor in whether or not he coaches the Saints.

Peter King of reports that, with Parcells unlikely to be the interim coach, it's looking more and more likely that the Saints interim coach will come from within.

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Bill Parcells, Vikings Talks Didn't Happen Recently, According To Report

Shortly after hearing the rumors surrounding the Minnesota Vikings interest in Bill Parcells, I wondered about the timing of it all. Early April is a strange time to be looking for a new head coach or other front office members considering the coach hiring season is basically over.

And now we find out from Tom Pelissero of ESPN 1500 in Minneapolis that, while the Vikings did approach Parcells, it didn't happen anytime recently. Other reports are now saying Parcells to Minnesota won't be happening. It's unclear exactly when the talks happened but Pelissero reports that the Vikings supposed interest smells like a leverage ploy by Parcells.

The timing of Wednesday's revelation in the Post -- three months after Spielman's promotion to GM and in the middle of Parcells' reported negotiations to become the Saints' interim coach during Payton's one-year suspension -- makes this seem like nothing more than a leverage ploy.

To be fair, maybe Parcells wasn't responsible for leaking the news but it sure does seem like a situation in which Parcells is creating leverage.

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Bill Parcells To Vikings Wouldn't Make Sense Right Now

According to a report in the New York Post, the Minnesota Vikings want Bill Parcells to come in and "run the show" for the franchise. Vikings owner Zygi Wilf reportedly told Parcells to name his price in order to get him to Minnesota to run the Vikings.

There are a lot of questions with a story like this, but the one that pops into my mind is the timing of it all. Most NFL hires are already done at this point, usually by early February. The New Orleans Saints are also currently interested in hiring Parcells, but that's a unique situation because Sean Payton is expected to start his suspension sometime soon.

If the Vikings wanted to hire Parcells, he would be tasked with filling out a coaching staff from a pool of candidates that have, for the most part, already found jobs. Parcells, who is famous for his line about letting him shop for the groceries if he's going to be cooking the meal, would also only have a few weeks on the job before the start of the 2012 NFL draft, which is in late April.

If the Vikings pursued him earlier in the year (which is still possible), then this would make more sense. Parcells has been a winner every where he's been so bringing him on board would've been a good move.

But in the first week of April this move wouldn't make much sense at all.

Whether Parcells intended to or not, he's created a situation in which there are now multiple bidders for his services, which means his price may go up from here.

For more perspective on Parcells, check out what Bomani Jones had to say about him last week on SB Nation's YouTube channel.

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Vikings Want Bill Parcells In Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings are looking to improve their situation in 2012. Team owner Zygi Wilf is hoping Bill Parcells will be interested in the head coaching position.

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