NFL Players React To Junior Seau's Death

Former San Diego Chargers LB Junior Seau is dead of a gunshot wound to the chest, according to police in Oceanside, California. Police confirmed that Seau's death is being treated as a suicide.

Moments after news broke of Seau's death, former and current NFL players took to Twitter to send out thoughts, prayers and memories of the San Diego legend.

LeCharles Bentley: Any other smart ass player want to question why the league is cracking down? One of THE baddest dudes MAY have just killed himself....

Rich Gannon: My thoughts and prayers go out to the Seau family. Junior was a special player and person. A true legend. He will be missed.

Scott Fujita: Lew Bush, and now Junior Seau...two men I've admired & looked up to for years. This is hard. Prayers are with their families.

Ross Tucker: Awful Junior Seau news. Not sure people fully appreciate his unbelievable career. Rare breed.

Kirk Morrison: I first met Junior Seau when I was 18 yrs old and a Freshmen at San Diego State. He actually told me I had NFL potential and I believed it.

Shawne Merriman: Please people tell me Seau is just rumors

Reggie Bush: Damn this one hurts San Diego! One of the greatest to to come from the city.

Terrell Davis: I Just heard the sad news that Jr. Seau has Passed away. One of the greatest sports figures from San Diego. #tragic

Kurt Warner: Saddened 2 hear of the death of NFL GREAT Junior Seau! A great football player but an even GREATER man! He will b missed!

Ryan Kerrigan: Thoughts and prayers with Junior Seau's family.. Sad, sad day for football #55 #RIP

Eric Winston: RIP Junior. Loved watching you play.

Matt Barkley: #RIPJuniorSeau You were one of the greatest Trojans of all time!

Brian Cushing: Wow shocked right now, I tapped Juniors picture every single day before heading out to practice at USC. R.I.P. to a legend n awesome person.

Tony Boselli: Extremely sad about the passing of Junior Seau. Just 3 weeks ago I spent the weekend w/him at USC. He was a great Trojans & will b missed!

Eric Barton: Seau is the one and only autograph I have ever got in my life. I wrote him a letter when I was in high school he sent me a picture and a hat

Deion Sanders: Junior Seau will certainly be missed. A great football player but a better man. He was classy,caring & courageous.God bless the Seau family

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