Tebow Time: Jets' New QB Highlights Friday NFL Preseason Action

Aug 4, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow (15) warms up prior to a scrimmage at SUNY Cortland Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

NFL preseason continues with six more games on Friday night, including Tim Tebow's Jets debut and Ryan Tannehill in Miami.

Another day, another set of six NFL preseason games. I could get used to this.

Friday's slate of preseason matchups doesn't look as appetizing as the six games on Thursday night but I'm still in the "OMG it's football!" mode, so that's OK. With more preseason games comes more opportunities to look at the players who switched teams this offseason (like Tim Tebow), take a peek at the rookies and start to get a sense of how teams will do in the 2012 season.

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The Jets are playing, which means I must lead with...

Tim Tebow's first action at quarterback, or is it special teams?

Wherever Tebow lines up, it's going to be very interesting. Offensively you can expect to see him at quarterback, coming in as the No. 2 behind Mark Sanchez, where he's worked all of camp. As much as Tebow is hyped, this isn't much of a competition so far. Sanchez is the clear No. 1 at this point.

Tebow's unique skill set could be in play if the Jets hit the red zone on Friday night, which is one of the areas he's expected to contribute. (Even if he doesn't even know his role yet.) You also wonder if there's a package similar to the Wildcat they're ready to roll out. Tebow hasn't practiced the Wildcat throughout camp but it's still something to consider.

On special teams, Tebow has worked previously in camp with the first team unit, acting as a personal punt protector.

Also: stop talking Boomer Esiason. The Jets aren't cutting Tebow.

Quietest Super Bowl champs in recent memory

It's a New York team, and they're the defending Super Bowl champs. How are the Giants over-shadowed by the Jets?

The Giants return to the field on Friday night when they visit Jacksonville Jaguars, and it feels like this should be a bigger deal than it is. The Giants have won two Super Bowls in less than five years. They should be in the middle of dynasty talk, but they're not. The guy right above this probably has something to do with that.

Calvin Johnson, post-$132 million contract

So does money change someone? The Lions are hoping not. Megatron, better known as Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, signed a $132 million contract in March. Well deserved, without a doubt. There's a reason we ranked him the best receiver in football.

Sometimes you wonder how motivated a player will be after signing a mega-contract like this. In the case of Calvin Johnson, you shouldn't wonder. He's too much of a physical freak to allow his play to slip. Assuming Matthew Stafford stays healthy, another 16 touchdowns and 1,600-plus yards seems reasonable for Johnson.

We have our .GIF machine all fired up for Megatron on Friday night.

Two top five picks won't be in action

The story of Friday's games is as much about who won't play as who will.

Trent Richardson, the highest draft pick whose team is scheduled to play Friday night, won't be playing. Arthroscopic knee surgery will keep him out on Friday and likely the entire preseason, which is unfortunate. Richardson is the type of player who can help make the Browns relevant again. Until he takes the field we won't know where Cleveland's fortune stands this season.

Meanwhile in Jacksonville, Justin Blackmon isn't expected to play either. He was the last draft pick to sign his rookie contract so he's already late to the party. Now he'll miss his first preseason game. It's catch-up time in Jacksonville.

Matt Kalil, the other top five pick playing on Friday night, will be playing. But he's an offensive lineman and we don't really care about them.

Is Ryan Tannehill that good?

Tannehill was supposed to struggle his rookie year. A converted receiver, Tannehill was tagged with the potential card, meaning his success likely wouldn't be coming right away.

But then Tannehill started playing well in training camp. Much better than expected. He even says he wants to be "the guy." Is he just a training camp star or will this translate to the regular season? The Dolphins have had more quarterback problems in the last decade than perhaps anyone else in the league. The early hype on Tannehill is promising.

David Garrard may be the initial starter but Friday night will show us how far away Tannehill is from taking that job.

The over/under on the number of times Lauren Tannehill will be shown on the broadcast has been set at two. I just made that up but it seems right. Let us known in the comments if you're taking the over or the under.

The Chiefs' ACL trio start their comeback

Hard to lose more talent in a three-week stretch than the Chiefs did last season. From the final preseason game to Week 2, the Chiefs lost Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles. Two Pro Bowlers and an up-and-coming tight end.

All three of those players have been out for nearly 11 months. On Friday, they make their return at Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs host the Cardinals.

The two teams held a joint practice at Chiefs training camp this week. On Friday night, they can actually hit each other.

The return of Randy Moss

Love this. Randy Moss is one of my favorite NFL players even if he has a few, uh, less-than-perfect characteristics. We all know that he was a great NFL player, as recently as a couple years ago.

But is he still great? Moss hasn't played an actual game since January 2011. He hasn't had a 100-yard game since November 2009. It's been a long time since Moss was a productive NFL player.

Jim Harbaugh will go all Jim Harbaugh on you and say Moss is the best receiver in football -- only comparable to the four other receivers on the 49ers competing for the No. 1 job.

Here's what Moss said about his comeback and working with Harbaugh.

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