ATLANTA, GA - AUGUST 16: Marvin Jones #82 of the Cincinnati Bengals fails to pull in this touchdown reception against Darrin Walls #29 of the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on August 16, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Ohio Wins The Night: Bengals, Browns Successful In Exhibition Football Games

The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers fell to the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night as Week 2 of the NFL preseason began.

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NFL Preseason Scores: Bengals Outlast Falcons, Browns Surprise Packers

The Atlanta Falcons passed the ball 60 times in a losing effort to the Cincinnati Bengals , 24-19, and the Cleveland Browns offense blew up for a 35-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers in the first set of games for the second week of the preseason.

Matt Ryan was efficient for the Falcons throughout the night, completing 18-of-21 passes while his backups, Dominique Davis and Chris Redman, combined for 21-of-36 passing for 227 yards. Unfortunately for Falcons fans, it wasn't enough as the Bengals held on for a 24-19 victory. Highlights of the game from Atlanta's side include this picture perfect touchdown reception from Andy Dalton to A.J. Green. From the Bengals side, the notable part of the game came in the form of injuries to Jermaine Gresham and Vontaze Burfict.

As expected the Packers didn't keep Aaron Rodgers in very long but he was played long enough to throw a 20-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson. Rodgers' backup, Graham Harrell, struggled throughout the night completing 50 percent of his passes for just 100 yards. The Packers are quickly learning that moving into the regular season with Harrell as Rodgers' backup may not be the best decision. On the Browns' side, Brandon Weeden completed 12-of-20 passes and looked sharp throughout the night, save a pair of dropped interceptions from the Packers defense. Trent Richardson didn't play as he continues to rehab from knee surgery but his replacement, Montario Hardesty, played well averaging nearly four yards per carry on the night.

It's just the preseason but all four teams were able to give their young players valuable experience as they finish off the first half of a month long preseason.

Check out SB Nation's StoryStream from Thursday night's games for more highlights.

For more on the Bengals and Falcons game, visit Cincy Jungle and The Falcoholic. For more on the Browns and Packers game, visit Dawgs By Nature and Acme Packing Company.


FOX Has Lost Control Of Tony Siragusa

I'm not really sure what FOX was doing on Thursday night. I guess it was a preseason game, but it was pretty hard to tell from watching the broadcast. From the frequent Tony Siragusa pop-ins to the odd banter in the booth, it was really a big game of "look at me!" with some football in the background.

Whatever, it's just the preseason, so nobody is taking things too seriously. But boy was it painful to watch.

On the plus side, there are GIFs. For basically an entire series, Siragusa and Mike Pereira stood in the end zone and discussed ... things. I guess it was about hands to the face. But the two just ended up slapping and grabbing each other.

So, umm ...


Just ...


I ...


Can we just ...


Well, I guess this is just ...


I mean ... yeah.


Oh forget it. Just ... forget it. We probably deserved this, whatever it was. If you were watching live: Sorry. These were the best, most GIFable parts of the painful, odd segment.


I Give Up

No idea what FOX is doing anymore. At this point, Thursday night is all about Tony Siragusa. FOX is spending more time on Goose than the game, which is kind of understandable. Except it's all so weird.

This is Tony Siragusa and Mike Pereira.


I've ... I've got nothing. That is all.



Look, FOX, we don't need the Tony Siragusa Cam. We just don't. Never, ever do this again. Scrap the experiment. Make it go away.



I don't even want to know what's on the other side of this shot.


Dirty pictures? Just saw himself on TV? The possibilities are endless.


A Picture Burfict Collision

This is probably something a few of Vontaze Burfict's Arizona State teammates wanted to do for quite some time.


So this GIF is pretty much perfect (or Burfict!). That's Burfict along for the ride. That's Taylor Mays taking Burfict's head off with his shoulder. It's the most Taylor Mays thing ever: No idea what he's going to hit or whether he'll be in position to make a hit, but he's going to drill something hard. It's also the second linebacker Mays has taken out in as many weeks. Because of course it is.

Oh, and welcome to the NFL, Vontaze.


You Lost Something, Asante Samuel

Aaaaand here's A.J. Green blowing by Asante Samuel like he's standing still.


Couple things about this play, besides SamueLOL. Andy Dalton gives the defense a nice okey-doke by looking left, quickly resetting and firing to his right. Green also finds another gear as the ball is in the air to give himself a nice bit of separation. Oh, and Samuel also gives Green the T.O. Special with that tackle. This close to losing a leg there.


Aaron Rodgers, Still Very Good At Football

Yes, Jordy Nelson went up and got this pass. And yes, it was a pretty good catch. But let's not forget about Aaron Rodgers. In case you were wondering, or worried: He's still very good at football. Particularly, throwing the football.


All covered? To hell with it. He'll just make a throw that's right on the money for a touchdown. Nothing to this game.

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