Madden NFL 13 Review: Rookies Rate Themselves, Fail Spectacularly

Madden 13

SB Nation Studios asked some incoming NFL rookies what their ratings should be in Madden 13. Check out some numbers that were thrown around. Spoiler: they're big.

Both the 2013 NFL season and the release of Madden 13 are just around the corner. To get everyone pumped for both, SB Nation Studios got together with some of the notable incoming NFL rookies. The rookies were asked what their ratings should be in Madden 13 and -- well, let's just say that Ryan Tannehill and Mohamed Sanu would be the only ones getting high ratings in "Being Humble." And even they weren't that humble.

"Being Humble" is a Madden stat, right? Shoot, what am I thinking of? Oh, right: The Bible Game. Well, anyway, the players giving themselves the highest ratings in the below video are, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, both incoming Seattle Seahawks rookies. Russell Wilson thinks he should get an overall rating of 100 "for being the best short quarterback in the National Football League," while Robert Turbin feels he should get the ultra-rare rating of "one thousand."

Check out the full video below. And be sure to check out Polygon's full Madden NFL 13 review.

Sheesh! Maybe the Madden series should start including ratings for "Braggadocio" or "Thinking Highly of Oneself"

More than anything, this makes me excited to start assigning myself ratings for the things I do in MY daily life. I'm gonna have to say:

Jokes - 90

Being good at playing Madden - 10

Sportswriting gravitas - 20

Catching feelings about sports - 95

Getting Chipotle on my shirt during lunch - 100

Man alive, that would be the best video game ever. By which I mean "worse than E.T. for the Atari."

For all news and information regarding the upcoming football season, please stay tuned to SB Nation's dedicated NFL hub.

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