Bet On The New Orleans Saints Missing The Playoffs

NEW ORLEANS, LA - SEPTEMBER 09: Aldrick Robinson #11 of the Washington Redskins celebrates a touchdown in front of Corey White #24 of the New Orleans Saints the New Orleans Saints during the season opener at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on September 9, 2012 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Your team is winless after two weeks of the season, but you are not worried. They can turn it around. Think again. You can basically forget about the playoffs if your team is 0-2.

The New Orleans Saints won't make the playoffs. You can bet on it.

That's what the odds say, despite the Bayou team being a preseason contender in the NFC. No team that started the season 0-2 has made the playoffs since 2008, when both the Miami Dolphins (11-5) and the Minnesota Vikings (10-6) pulled it off.

In the past three seasons, 24 teams started 0-2 and none made it. Going back to 2008, 35 teams lost their first two games of the season and only the aforementioned Vikes and Fins played after Week 17.

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This year, the Saints, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders are in the 0-2 boat. All but the Saints are underdogs again in Week 3, making them good bets to fall further into the 0-3 hole.

"It doesn't seem like such a deep hole, but nobody seems to be able to get out of it," said Jack Randall of "When you think about it - assuming you need 10 wins to get in - you need to go 10-4 the rest of the way, a tall order for a team that opens with consecutive losses."

New Orleans is actually the week's biggest opening point spread, laying 9.5 points at home to fellow 0-2'er Kansas City. That's a big number for a team that has failed as a favorite twice already in 2012.

Here are the teams that started 0-2 since 2008. (only the bolded names made the playoffs)

0-2 Starts


Panthers 6-10
Colts 2-14
Chiefs 7-9
Dolphins 6-10
Vikings 3-13
Seahawks 7-9
Rams 2-14

Browns, 5-11
Cowboys, 6-10
Lions, 6-10
Bills, 4-12
Vikings, 6-10
Panthers, 2-14
Rams, 7-9
49ers, 6-10

Panthers, 8-8
Lions, 2-14
Titans, 8-8
Chiefs, 4-12
Rams, 1-15
Jaguars, 7-9
Bucs, 3-13
Browns, 5-11
Dolphins, 7-9

Bengals, 4-11-1
Browns, 4-12
Lions, 0-16
Texans, 7-9
Jaguars, 5-11
Chiefs, 2-14
Dolphins, 11-5
Vikings, 10-6

Chargers, 8-8
Seahawks, 4-12
Rams, 2-14

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