Giants vs. Eagles: rivalry game turns to Sunday Night Football

Rob Carr - Getty Images

The Giants and Eagles, NFC East rivals, meet on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

The Eagles and Giants meet on Sunday Night Football in an NFC East rivalry game. The game takes place at 8:20 p.m. on NBC. The Eagles are 1-point favorites as the home team, according to SB Nation's NFL odds.

There are a lot of things to watch for in this game, a meaningful NFC East matchup. Here are three of the big ones to keep an eye one:

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Michael Vick needs to protect the football

This is a big question mark for the Eagles. In Week 1, he had four interceptions. In Week 2 that was down to two interceptions and in Week 3 he had no interceptions. So ... progress? I guess so.

The Eagles, or any team for that matter, won't win consistently when the quarterback is throwing interceptions. Oddly enough, the Eagles only loss came when Vick didn't throw an interception. But the point remains: the Eagles need to protect the ball. The Giants offense is simply too good for Philly to give them favorable field position.

How long can Andre Brown keep it up?

If you have to stop to look up who Andre Brown is, that's fine. Brown isn't exactly a household name -- yet. But in the last two games he's been a key for the Giants.

Two weeks ago he racked up 71 yards on 13 carries in a thriller against Tampa Bay. Last week he surpassed the century mark rushing for 113 yards on 20 carries in a blowout victory over the Giants.

The Giants offense is dynamic when the rushing game is going. Philly's defense has been good this season but it's awfully hard to stop the Giants when they're clicking in the run and pass game.

Remember the rivalry

The Giants and Eagles are NFC East rivals and their games are 1.) usually close and 2.) very competitive. By "competitive" I mean there could be a few punches thrown. Tom Coughlin says of the game:

"There has been some unbelievable football games played between these two teams, when I was here as an assistant and it certainly has continued since I've been here as the head coach. These games are extremely close games, they always are. They're fourth quarter wins, one way or the other. We talk about hitting the goal post with field goals and I was reflecting on that incredible overtime win down there a few years ago. That was just a great, great football game," Coughlin said. "These games go to the wire, and these teams play hard against each other. It's in the division, it's a rival. It seems like each one of the teams in our division, there's a unique rivalry with each one of these teams. Certainly with the Philadelphia Eagles it is that way, for sure."

So don't expect to be getting to bed early. This one has the makings of a game going down to the wire.

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