Fumblr: A farewell to Manningface

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

After an MVP-caliber season, Peyton Manning lost his first playoff game as a Denver Bronco. Let's relive seeing his disappointment!

Fumblr is the fake blogging platform that examines the NFL through invented memes. It runs every Wednesday. All animated GIFs via Kissing Suzy Kolber.


In early December, I wrote a lengthy ode to Manningface, and since then the phenomenon hasn't appeared in this space. This is partly the fault of the Broncos, who closed the season with an 11-game winning streak, and partly a lack of due diligence from the author, who eased up on the schadenfreude during the Giants' late-season swoon.

So, with an added appreciation for the relative rareness of Manningface, let's take one last walk with Peyton before the season comes to a close.


(Photo credit: Ron Chenoy - USA TODAY Sports)


(Photo credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)


(Photo credit: Chris Humphreys - USA TODAY Sports)

He's so forlorn. Someone should give him TWO MILLION PIZZAS.



'scuse me


need ta practice kickin

if you folks don't mind

could you--?



ma'am if you just--?




This GIF is vastly improved by the Bad Lip Reading video below -- Jim Harbaugh stamping his foot in anger is much more enjoyable if you imagine he's upset about not getting cake.



(screencap via 30fps)

Because CBS aired two games during the divisional playoff weekend, the network's B-team of Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf called Saturday's epic double-overtime game in Denver, giving viewers some four-plus hours of Dierdorf's color commentary. It was, in the words of SB Nation's Bobby Big Wheel, "like having your steak paired with toilet wine."

How bad is Dierdorf? Well, in the middle of a double-overtime see-saw playoff battle, I was more intent on expanding Jon Bois' twitter meme than I was on watching the game:

I'm not even sure I remember what I did for fun before Twitter existed.



I mean, it's no David Akers Dance Party, but I appreciate a little extra funk in the possession signal. Referees should adopt this.


No. Not in New York, not in Jacksonville, not even in the CFL. Nobody wants PROVEN PLAYOFF WINNER Tim Tebow. It's marvelous.

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