NFL Mock Draft 2013: How SB Nation's compares to's

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

We take a look at how SB Nation's latest 2013 NFL Mock Draft compares to some others around the Internet.

We're one day away from the NFC and AFC Championship games, but for the other 28 teams in the league, they've got nothing on the calendar for a few months. Free agency in March and then the 2013 NFL Draft in April highlight offseason activities, and that will be the point of focus going forward.

Dan Kadar of SB Nation released his latest mock draft on Monday, and there's plenty of discussion already so be sure to head over and join in on it. But the rest of the mainstream media is getting the mock draft train rolling as well.

Which begs the question: how does SB Nation's latest stack up? We'll check out the first mock draft from's Bucky Brooks.

The top five from SB Nation had Geno Smith going to the Kansas City Chiefs, Star Lotulelei going to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bjoern Werner going to the Oakland Raiders, Luke Joeckel going to the Philadelphia Eagles and Damontre Moore going to the Detroit Lions.

Brooks agrees with the first overall pick: he thinks Smith will be the quarterback of Andy Reid's future, citing his drafting of Donovan McNabb way back when. That's where things break apart, to an extent. The positions aren't totally off in the next picks, but the players are shuffled a good bit.

SB Nation has the Jaguars taking Lotulelei, while Brooks thinks Tamontre Moore of Texas A&M is the proper pick. Both are defensive linemen and given the next few picks on Brooks' mock, there may be a disparity in where they value Lotulelei, as Brooks doesn't have him going until No. 18 to the Dallas Cowboys.

Down the list there's some other disparities, but we don't get to another big-name decision until No. 7 with the Arizona Cardinals. SB Nation had Tyler Wilson out of Arkansas going to the Cards, but Brooks thinks USC's Matt Barkley will be the pick, citing the school's pro-style offense as the primary reasoning.

Immediately after that, things are shaken up again when SB Nation has Ryan Nassib, quarterback from Syracuse, going to the Buffalo Bills at No. 8. Brooks also has a quarterback, but it's neither Nassib nor Wilson, but Mike Glennon from N.C. State.

There are no other quarterbacks in the first round of either mock, meaning SB Nation has Barkley falling out of the first, while Brooks has the same with Wilson.

Some other big differences include Dee Milliner at No. 13 for SB Nation, but at No. 6 for Brooks. SB Nation seems to have more teams drafting for need, such as the Chicago Bears taking an offensive lineman or the St. Louis Rams taking wide receiver Keenan Allen, while Brooks has those teams going with what "seems" like the best player available in Manti Te'o and Kenny Vaccaro.

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