Super Bowl Props Contest: Free Game, Perfect for Super Bowl Pool

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Starting with the Super Bowl coin toss, but ignoring the Super Bowl odds, is one of the web's best free online Super Bowl contests.

You're too busy or too lazy to come up with your own Super Bowl pool, so you're looking online for a free Super Bowl contest to do the work for you.

And it can't be just any old game because the success of the Super Bowl party you are hosting Sunday depends on having a fun pool.

Presto, the Super Bowl props contest at returns for a sixth season with free entry and nearly $3,000 in prizes available.

The game focuses on 25 possible outcomes on Super Bowl XLVII and gives contestants multiple-choice answers. Different answers are worth different amounts of points and, just like betting at a Vegas sportsbook on Feb. 3, the contest adds excitement and puts you in the middle of the action.

Everything from the coin toss to the total rushing yards of the San Francisco 49ers vs the Baltimore Ravens is included. Picking the Ravens to win the coin toss actually gets you more points because the AFC almost never wins the Super Bowl coin toss.

And to get everyone into the flow of the game, offers an easy question to start it off - will Coach Harbaugh win the Super Bowl? Naturally, since brothers Jim and John Harbaugh are coaching the teams, the answer is yes, so contestants immediately pocket 100 points!

Born as a props contest and sponsored by Bovada, the game rewards 47 winners who qualify for prizes of $47.47. The high score qualifies for a grand prize of $474.74.

The Super Bowl point spread? It's 4.5 points favoring the 49ers but there are no questions about that.

Instead, questions focus on heads or tails, will there be a score in the final two minutes of the first half and if Colin Kaepernick will throw for more yardage than Joe Flacco.

"Safe answers get you a safe amount of points and longshot answers get a bigger amount of points, so you have to decide how to play the game," said Jack Randall of, which has partnered with in recent years.

"Like the motto say, ‘a game this big deserves a proper contest,' and that's what the props game provides for people who play online and those you print off the questions and use the game for their own parties."

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