Darnell Dockett sours on Katherine Webb: 'I like girls with a couple stab wounds'


The Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle, famous for once owning an alligator, wants a woman who has bad credit at age 21.

Sure, Brent Musberger might have gotten the heat for ogling Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, but he was hardly the only one. Consider, for instance, Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett, who famously tweeted Webb during the BCS National Championship game with an offer to go to Wingstop:

Dockett later claimed the tweet was supposed to be a direct message. A.J. McCarron, likely looking forward to an NFL career where Dockett could make him roadkill, laughed off the pickup attempt. The entire sordid episode was done in a matter of hours.

Or so we thought. While sharing hot sports takes with Bickley & MJ on XTRA Sports 910 in Phoenix this afternoon, Dockett returned to the subject of Webb:

"It's not that serious. I was just laughing at people responding because people were really thinking that I was gonna put my number on Twitter. ... Anybody that knows Darnell Dockett - the real me, not just the football player, not just the guy you see on TV - anyone that knows me personally knows there is never a dull moment in my life. I'm always excited. I'm always thinking of the next gimmick, the next trick. ... It was an opportunity. She's a very beautiful girl, but I just feel like somebody who's been modeling and going to Alabama and doing all that country stuff, I just want to take her out of her [element] and bring her to get some of these garlic wings and these barbecue wings, and see a few strippers and things like that, so she can appreciate what she's doing. I'm just giving back to the community in the long run."

Dockett later admitted that the reigning Miss Alabama USA isn't exactly his type:

"If I really wanted to get his girl there's a bunch of different ways I'd have went about it. And I would have got her if I really wanted her. But I don't think she's my type. I'm not into the thinner girls and the modelling thing like that. I like hood chicks. I like girls with a couple stab wounds, bullet holes, been knocked up a few times. ... I like girls who you know have bad credit when they're 21."

There has been no response from McCarron, though he is expected to deny having ever been with Dockett's little hoodrat friends.

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