Super Bowl 2013: Dashon Goldson wants to make his 'presence felt'

Thearon W. Henderson

Dashon Goldson is going to be tested by Joe Flacco and the Ravens' offense thanks to a scheme that requires lots of deep throws.

San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson has never played in the Super Bowl before, but in less than a weekthat will change when he hits the field to face the Baltimore Ravens.

Goldson is one of the key players on defense for the 49ers, a man who quietly goes about his business but who will have the spotlight squarely on him come Sunday. Baltimore loves to throw the ball deep, especially to Torrey Smith. It will be Goldson's job, along with Donte Whitner, to make sure the play stays in front of him.

One way to slow down wide receivers are to hit them early and often, something Goldson is known for. If you Google Goldson's name, the first suggestion that comes up is "hit."

Some say Goldson can be dirty, as he has been tagged with more than $70,000 in fines, while others say that Goldson is simply the hardest hitting safety in the NFL, something he isn't about to quibble with. Per the 49ers official site:

"So they say… It feels good to hit but it feels better when they get back up because I’m never trying to kill nobody. At the same time I definitely want to make my presence felt."

Now in his sixth season, Goldson is churning out quality production every year. The 28-year-old made 69 tackles and came up with three interceptions this year, showcasing his ability to play the run and pass.

If Goldson can help up front against Ray Rice without sacrificing the ability to keep Anquan Boldin and Smith in front of him on play-action passes, San Francisco will be in fine form. Goldson is known as an ultra-aggressive safety, something that Baltimore offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell might look to exploit with emotions high early on.

For his part, Goldson has been preparing like he does every week, watching film and taking notes. He says that when he watches Baltimore, he sees a team that looks very familiar. Per the 49ers site:

"The team is a pretty good football team. They are a physical team that reminds me of ourselves a little bit. They do a good job of running the football and setting up the pass. Their quarterback has a strong arm. You can’t allow those guys behind us. They have a good deep threat with those receivers, so there are definitely a lot of things to get done."

A free agent at season's end, Goldson is also playing for the potential of an even bigger contract. The California native has already secured himself a lucrative deal with his play to this point, but if he should shine in the Super Bowl? Owner Jed York will need to open up his wallet a little wider.

Right now, Goldson isn't worried about a new contract. The enforcer on the back end is focused on one thing only; raising the Vince Lombardi Trophy. He says he's not worried about the pressure, per the 49ers site:

“Not at all. It comes with the territory. I’m sure a lot of people face this, but it’s new to a lot of players, especially me. I am just looking forward to this football game and wining.”

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