What is Alex Smith doing right now? Jan. 31

"Wonder whatever happened to Brenda and Eddie." - Scott Halleran

Once upon a time, Alex Smith was the prom king. On Thursday, he looks back wistfully.

It's another lazy day in Alex Smith's hotel room in New Orleans. Alex lays on the bed, thinking. Finally, he gets up and rifles through his suitcase. He extracts an envelope and sits back down on the edge of the bed. He shakes a small stack of photographs out of the envelope and flips through them. Finally he settles on one. A photograph from high school. It seems like a very long time ago.


(via @USATODAYsports)

Those were the days. Look at me back then! The king of the entire prom! Me! And my royal entourage, or "King's Court" as I called them! Look how young we all were! Look how -- WOW I never noticed before how much Dave looked like a Harbaugh. We all look like we're 12 and there's Dave over on the left looking like he's 35 and trying to price drywall at the Home Depot. And there's Dave's date, Kelly. Look how happy she is! Wonder if she ever went pro as a barrel-racer.

Man, look at Arnold and Janet! So young and full of life. Arnold always said he was going to develop a better method to improve pizza delivery routes. Heh, he's probably the president of Dominos by now. I should really get in touch with everyone.

And of course, every king needs a jester! Life was more fun with you two around, Stephen and "Stinky Sue!" I'll never forget the time you tricked Mr. Bangs into thinking his Camry had been towed! Classic prank!

Those were the days, all right. When life was carefree and the world was my oyster. Things are still pretty good, I guess. Still... sometimes I can't help but look back and wish I could do it all over again. Look how happy I was. Alex the king.

Alex reaches into his suitcase one more time and extracts a dusty and slightly bent crown. He puts it on and regards himself in the hotel mirror.

I still make a pretty good king. Lookin' good, Alex. Lookin' good.

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