Seahawks vs. Redskins, NFL playoffs: RGIII and Russell Wilson are the focal points

Al Bello

One more game on tap for Sunday. Robert Griffin III and the Redskins will host Russell Wilson and the Seahawks on Sunday. Find out who has the advantage in this Q&A with Hogs Haven and Field Gulls.

The Redskins face the Seahawks in Sunday's NFC Wild Card matchup and as expected the focal point is all on the quarterbacks. Rookies RGIII and Russell Wilson have been terrific this season, setting the bar extremely high.

So which rookie quarterback wins out on Sunday? SB Nation's Redskins blog, Hogs Haven, and Seahawks blog, Field Gulls, talked about how they got here and what the key matchup in this game is.

How did you get here?

Hogs Haven: "The Redskins have essentially been overhauling their team every year since Shanahan took over. Jason Cambell out, McNabb in. McNabb out, Grossman and Beck in. Those clowns out, RGIII and Cousins in. The Redskins started slow at 3-6, but the BYE week was instrumental in pulling the team together. They did what not one single "media expert" said they could do pre-season: make the playoffs. The biggest difference I see in this Redskins team that rattled off 7 straight wins is the defense finally stepping up their game. The decision was finally made for the corners to press WRs more often, and that has helped immensely in keeping the points against down."

Field Gulls: "Seattle had some ups and downs on offense in Russell Wilson's rookie season, an opening week loss to Arizona, followed by big wins over the Cowboys, Packers and Patriots and frustrating losses to the Rams, Niners and Lions. In the 2nd half of the year though, Seattle began to fire on all cylinders, and their top-tier defensive and special teams units were matched and possibly even surpassed by an explosion in efficiency on offense.

"Seattle finished out the year 7-1 over their final eight games, the 2nd half of the regular season; they scored 272 points to opponents' 111, an average score of 34-14 or so. On the year, Seattle's defense gave up 245 total points, or just 15.3 per game, tops in the NFL and a nearly two points per game fewer than the No. 2 defense, San Francisco. Their offense came together in the 2nd half with some interesting read-option scheming, and behind Russell Wilson, has become a unit that can put points on some of the better defenses in the NFL."

Stopping RGIII and the Redskins zone read is the top priority.

Hogs Haven: "The same matchup it is for every Redskins opponent...their linebackers vs the Redskins zone read. No team has been able to stop it, and why should this week be any different? The Seahawks have been cranking out a lot of points off turnovers, but the Redskins are one of the best teams in the league at protecting the ball."

Field Gulls: "The Seahawks defense will have to figure out how to stop Robert Griffin and the Redskins read-option offensive attack. The Redskins finished the year very hot offensively, and have a balanced yet explosive running and passing attack. Seattle will need to get big games from their young linebacking corps as Griffin and Alfred Morris look to pound it on the ground, and behind them,the Seahawks' safeties must not prove susceptible to the Skins' play-action deep passing. If Seattle can somehow stymie therookie phenomenon, they'll have a good chance in this one."

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