Redskins vs. Cowboys 2013: Washington fans none-too-happy after loss to Dallas

Tom Pennington

The Washington Redskins are now 1-4 on the season and looking up at the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East standings. The fanbase is not amused.

Sunday night's game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys was billed as a gut check for both team in a struggling NFC East. The winner would have the chance create a big positive momentum swing now that 2013 NFL season is at a full roar.

If there was a statement to be made, the Cowboys certainly made it, winning 31-16 in Dallas. With the loss, the Redskins fell to 1-4 on the year and took another major blow to their playoff chances. Mark Tyler at Redskins blog Hogs Haven was not happy, and committed an egregious abuse of ellipses to prove it. He also defended Robert Griffin III amidst the myriad of other offensive problems.

Has Robert Griffin been the Robert Griffin of 2012?................absolutely not. Can we pin the four loses on his shoulders?.............absolutely not. He's getting blitzed on almost half his drop backs, and with poor play from the offensive line, and receivers who are playing hide-and-seek, it makes his job that much more difficult. Is he free of all blame?............heck no. He has been erratic with his accuracy, and his mobility is just starting to return to what it was last year.  He is the leader of this offense, and the blame still needs to partially fall on his shoulders. Turnovers, poor decisions, and questionable mechanics are major areas for improvement.

Overall, this 2013 team is a shadow of what it was in 2012. We lack heart, desire and skill where we need it most. Is it possible we can turn this sinking ship around?....................yes, it's possible, but it's more likely that we continue down the road of inconsistency, and vast changes will again be needed this offseason, for a team we thought had finally turned the proverbial corner.

The mood was much brighter over at Cowboys blog Blogging The Boys. The Cowboys are now 3-3 overall, but more importantly, they are tied for first place in the division with the Philadelphia Eagles and now have a 2-0 division record. According to DawnMacelli, Sunday's win in primetime was potentially season-changing.

At the end of the day, a win is a win, and you will take them any way you can but on Sunday night I saw more than just a win. Coach Bisaccia's special teams are playing on the razor's edge, once again guys are elevating their game at critical moments and the defense is starting to show a few signs of life. All three will have to factor into the equation if the Dallas Cowboys are going to make something out of themselves during the 2013 football season. The victory over the Redskins had many positives but these three points give me hope that there will be more to come over the next several weeks.

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