Ndamukong Suh, fined $31K, for hit on Brandon Weeden, under 'a microscope'

Jason Miller

Ndamukong Suh drew the ire of the NFL once again, but did he deserve it?

Ndamukong Suh has been fined $31,000 by the NFL for a hit he put on Cleveland Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden during last Sunday's win. The play was not flagged on the field, but went to the league office in New York City for review. Suh arguably used his helmet as the principal point of contact after he knocked down Weeden after the quarterback released a pass. Many, including Sean Yuille at Detroit Lions blog Pride Of Detroit, are not convinced that Suh did anything malicious on the play.

Suh pushed Weeden down more than anything, and nothing about that play was worthy of a fine. This is simply based on his reputation, and quite honestly it's a load of crap, especially when you consider that the Chicago Bears' Jon Bostic wasn't fined for spearing Kris Durham in the back with his helmet.

You can watch the hit in question beginning at the 1:26 mark of this video via NFL.com. Yuille provided a photo of the hit:


Suh has earned a reputation as one of the most violent players in the NFL. He earned a $100,000 fine after Week 1 for a low block he threw on Minnesota Vikings center John Sullivan, a hit that could have led to a suspension after his repeat offense in Week 6. Suh slid by, but he may not be as lucky the next time around.

Whether Suh's repuation precedes him will continue to be a hot topic of debate. He'll have a hard time staying out of the eye of the NFL, though there's no denying that Suh's reputation has been well-earned with incidents like "The Stomp" on his permanent record. Suh is well aware of that. Via the Detroit Free Press:

"I think there's always going to be a microscope on me," Suh said. "I think there's been a microscope on me since I was first drafted in 2010, 'cause I was a first-round pick. There's always going to be a microscope on me, no matter where it is, from outside media, from the NFL to little kids to everybody. So there's going to be somewhat of a microscope. My face is out there. That's kind of part of life."

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