Adrian Peterson on track for one of worst career games

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The reigning MVP has joined the putrid offensive party on MNF, unable to find any room with Josh Freeman completely ineffective through the air.

As you might expect from a game between two last-place teams, Monday night's matchup between the Giants and Vikings is a persistent display of horrible football, particularly on the offensive side of the ball.

The Giants were mildly effective on offense early on, but the Vikings have been brutal throughout. They're averaging just 3.3 yards per play, and their special teams have kept it a game against a winless and equally terrible Giants team.

Josh Freeman is 8 for 22 with 87 yards and a pick, and that lack of threat through the air is of course affecting Adrian Peterson's ability to do anything.

Peterson gained just 9 yards on his first eight carries, with the Giants stuffing the line of scrimmage. It likely won't be Peterson's worst day as a pro, but it could be his least productive day since 2010. He added to the 9-yard total slightly in the third quarter to get into double digits, but he's still averaging just 2.2 yards per carry after a limited 12 attempts.

Here are some of the worst games in Peterson's career, including an ugly game against the Giants. New York's defense may be adding a second entry to this list (stats via Pro-Football-Ref):

Year Opponent Attempts Yards YPC
2007 MIN vs. WAS 9 27 3
2009 MIN @ CAR 12 35 2.92
2010 MIN @ DET 14 31 2.21
2009 MIN vs. GNB 25 55 2.2
2010 MIN vs. NYG 14 26 1.86
2008 MIN @ NOR 21 32 1.52
2009 MIN @ ARI 13 19 1.46
2007 MIN @ SFO 14 3 0.21

The reigning MVP is known for his ability to break the long runs, so he could eclipse the 100-yard mark in just a single play late in the game. But right now, it's hard to see much opening up for him given the way Freeman is playing.

Peterson at least has a past history of success to rely on, but it's a night of miserable offense for everyone involved -- including the game's best running back.

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