Steelers vs. Raiders 2013: Oakland defeat Pittsburgh as Terrelle Pryor makes history

Ezra Shaw

SB Nation's writers are sounding off about the Raiders win over the Steelers in Week 9.

The Raiders are 3-4 following their Week 9 win over the Steelers. The victory over Pittsburgh began with a record-breaking quarterback run by Terrelle Pryor, who took the ball 93 yards for a touchdown. The early score allowed Oakland to build serious momentum as the Raiders took a 21-3 lead to halftime. While the Raiders failed to score past intermission, the big lead allowed them to hold on for the win as the Steelers mounted a comeback.

The Steelers started off sluggish as they were only able to score a field goal before halftime. However, the second half was dominated by Pittsburgh as the Steelers scored two unanswered touchdowns. The Raiders lead was too big to overcome but the Steelers made it interesting late in the game. The Raiders were able to take time off the clock and finished with a 21-18 win at home.

Neal Coolong of Behind the Steel Curtain is not optimistic about the Steelers immediate future:

Sitting at 2-5, and now moving in the opposite direction they were after a strong two-game winning streak, the Steelers appear at a crossroads. Heading to New England in Week 9, head coach Mike Tomlin faces the same start the 2006 Steelers had, one year before Tomlin took over in 2007.

Marcus Allen Krause of Silver and Black Pride is thrilled to put some unwanted history to bed:

Winning in the NFL is always huge and it is always special. Winning today is even more special after finally breaking the 10 year streak of losing the week after a Bye. This is a huge streak to end because it is a direct link to the futility of the Raiders ever since their last Super Bowl appearance. It directly links the two teams because that was the last year ('02) that the Raiders had won after their Bye week.

Every step forward from the dark days is a grand step for the future of this franchise. It is one less stat that can randomly be brought up to prove how bad the Raiders have been and that does mean something. It means we get to move on and not think about the connection to the worst years of franchise history anymore, and it reminds us that even the worst streaks of futility can come to an end.

The Raiders host the Eagles in Week 9, while the Steelers will travel to New England to face the Patriots.

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