Broncos vs. Chargers 2013: Denver fans confident before showdown with Kansas City

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Chargers fans are reeling from yet another loss plagued by conservative play calling. Broncos fans, meanwhile, have already moved on to next week's showdown against the Chiefs.

The San Diego Chargers held the Denver Broncos to a season-low 28 points, their first game under 30 points this season, but still came away with a 28-20 loss. The Broncos improved to 8-1, and restated their case as the best team in the NFL, while the Chargers fell back to 4-5 and were left struggling to figure out how the lost yet another close game.

John Gennaro at Chargers blog Bolts From The Blue didn't sugar coat the team's issues. He pointed his finger directly at a conservative game plan by a coaching staff that made several curious decisions during the loss, including choosing to kick a field goal on 4th-and-1 from the 8-yard line.

At this point, we appear to be stuck with the ultra-conservative game management of Mike McCoy. We can whine all day but it won't change anything. However, I hope there is someone that he listens to that can show him how many points he's leaving on the board in an attempt to avoid media criticism. Perhaps a Common Sense Manager?

The Chargers were beaten by a better team with a better coaching staff. That's not the frustrating part. The frustrating part is that they possibly could've won with this team, had they had the better coaching staff on this day.

Broncos fans, meanwhile, are plenty happy with their coaching staff. The fact that 28 points represents a season low is a strong sign that you're rooting for a good football team. Now that the Chargers game is over, the Broncos can turn their attention to a showdown against an undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team in Week 11. Bronco Mike at Chargers blog Mile High Report is apparently pretty confident that the Broncos will pull out the win.

Chiefs fans, I have to level with you.  We loathe that we have to be looking forward to this game.  Your little nuisance of a season is taking our focus off real contenders.  There.   I said it.  It is more than annoying to have to look up at the little red-headed step child in the division holding our rightful spot atop the rankings.  You don't belong.

If not for mistake after mistake by mediocre teams fielding 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks, you would not be here.

But it is fine by us.

This run of yours has you dreaming big.  It has you believing you are on equal footing.  You're not.  It is going to be a momentous occasion next Sunday Night, November the 17th.  For that will be the day the Broncos take back what is rightfully ours.

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