NFL coaches on the hot seat: Greg Schiano continues march toward unemployment, Jim Schwartz nearing security

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We take a look at how the various coaches on the hot seat performed in Week 8. Greg Schiano ... still has a job, it seems.

The weekly NFL hot seat watch has quickly turned into a "pile everything on Greg Schiano" watch -- and that's OK. Schiano's Tampa Bay Buccaneers are looking terrible thus far, and things aren't getting better anytime soon. Wide receiver Mike Williams was placed on injured reserve, leaving rookie quarterback Mike Glennon with Vincent Jackson and several players you've probably never heard of to catch the football.

The only reason Schiano isn't the primary headline this week is due to the ticking time bomb that is the Miami Dolphins. They've been in the news for being in "shambles," a player had an emotional breakdown and everybody is questioning the offensive gameplan.

Miami's Joe Philbin may soon be on this list, but for now, we're going to leave him off. Technically, the team still has a chance to win enough games to make the ownership "happy," and Philbin likely gets another season either way. The full lineup of coaches on our list is below:

Tom Coughlin (New York Giants), Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh Steelers), Rex Ryan (New York Jets), Jason Garrett (Dallas Cowboys), Jim Schwartz (Detroit Lions), Dennis Allen (Oakland Raiders), Mike Munchak (Tennessee Titans), Greg Schiano (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Leslie Frazier (Minnesota Vikings) and Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers).

After Week 8

Losers: Schiano, Garrett, Ryan, Tomlin, Frazier

We actually had multiple teams on our watch list play each other this week, so there's a decent split of winning and losing. Schiano continued his campaign toward unemployment with another terrible game and a loss to the Panthers, while Garrett fell to .500 with a very narrow loss to Schwartz and the Lions, which is probably the best team on this list at the moment.

Tomlin and the Steelers fell to Allen and the Raiders -- something that team has done a great deal of in past seasons. Frazier went with Christian Ponder as his starting quarterback, which turned out to be ... a pretty poor move. The Vikings never stood a chance against the NFC North rival Green Bay Packers.

Victorious: Rivera, Schwartz, Coughlin, Allen

As already noted, Rivera, Schwartz and Allen all won matchups against the coaches above. Schwartz's win was probably the most impressive; Dallas is probably the second-best team on our hot seat watch. Rivera's Panthers enjoyed beating up on the Buccaneers, and Allen enjoyed an increasingly common win over the Steelers. New York picked up a solid NFC East win by besting the Philadelphia Eagles in their matchup, and at 2-6, they aren't out of it ... which is kind of sad.

Bye: Munchak

Looking Ahead

Schwartz and Coughlin are both on bye weeks this week. Frazier and the Vikings face a tough game against Garrett and the Cowboys. Dallas is looking like it'll get back to a winning record with that matchup. Munchak and the Titans return from a bye week to take on Kellen Clemens and the struggling Rams, in a game that could make or break their season. The Titans have to win those kinds of games.

Carolina faces a matchup with the struggling Atlanta Falcons, and could bolster its positioning in the NFC South with a victory. The 4-4 Jets have exceeded expectations this season, but winning against Drew Brees and the 6-1 Saints is something any team would struggle with at this point.

Allen and the Raiders face a winnable game against the 3-5 Eagles. The tough matchup that the Jets face might pale in comparison to the winless Buccaneers and their game against the 7-1 Seattle Seahawks. Lastly, Tomlin's Steelers will face the New England Patriots, a 6-2 team.


Most In Danger: Schiano (0-7)
In Danger: Coughlin (2-6), Ryan (4-4), Tomlin (2-5), Frazier (1-6)
Less Danger: Rivera (4-3), Garrett (4-4), Allen (3-4)
Least Danger: Schwartz (5-3), Munchak (3-4)

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