I N F O S C O R E S: The Atlanta Deception

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PFT Commenter calls on NFL Fans to Wake Up and Open Their Eyes. If your not a part of the solution, your part of the problem folks.

It's our obligation to remind you that these strong takes are presented as PARODY. Not our fault if this also happens to open some eyes. Sorry, not sorry. All spelling errors are intentional, we think. -Ed.

50 years ago today, John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, TX. I'll never forget where I was when I learned about this- in Mrs. Johnston's11th grade late-20th century America History Class folks. What a day. In honor of all the people who have worked so hard to disprove the "official" narrative behind the assassination, I'd like to take the time to educate alot of you out there about some NFL Conspiracies. Hopefully you can pass some of this information on to your family, bosses, and neighbors so we as a society can wake up.

Remember: "It's not a Conspiracy if there really out to get you." - Thomas Jefferson

May I present to you the first addition of:


There are all sorts've clues around the NFL that theres more to the league then the average fan will ever know. Most NFL viewers are too distracted by meaningless stuff like elections and global wars which are in reality the USAs version of a bred-in-circus show,, and its truly making monkeys out of us all. As fans we have to remain vigilent to see the NFL for what it really is without taking our eye off the ball to do things like vote or register our firearms. We've got people on the inside including Seahawks coach and 9/11 truther and Russell Wilson 5'11 truther Pete Carroll. But we need to raise even more awareness folks.

Those of us with our EYES open see the end to last Mondays Patriots/Panthers game and see the obvious False Flag that they picked up at the end that took power away from the real Patriots and gave it to Cam Newton (A Black Panther).

We see things like the Cleveland Brown's being a well-documented Falseflag of a franchise that exists only to pad the Steelers stats. People forget that. We should #neverforget that.

We see the league taking away those old "Bike" and "Schutt" helmets that were basically tinfoil hats in favor of literally a helmet with a microphone and radio in them to listen in. All in the name of "Safety."

We see the NFL telling us, "The Seahawks have allways been at war with the NFC West" and I'm just suppose to sit here and take it? No sir. No sir.

Last nights Saints/Falcons game had some classic telltale signs of being a staged operation. Lets see who stood to profit shall we? Well early in the game I noticed something most sheeple missed. Jimmy Graham scored on a 44 yard touchdown pass and during his celebration watch what he did to the goalpost:


Now were suppose to believe that a NFL goalpost would collapse under the weight of a 250lb man hanging on it for less then a second? I'm sorry but how dumb do they think we're?

You can go back through the archives- this is all public now,, and you can see that a NFL goal post has NEVER collapsed on its own weight from a player getting confused and thinking he was still playing basketball. You can almost see a little bit of a powder explode off the crossbar but its unclear if thats a acclerent or if its just some blow that Jimmy was trying to jump high enough to snort.

Now who stood to gain from having a goal post collapse at the speed of Atlantas position in the NFC South? Perhaps the owner of the Falcons- Arthur Blank (check) who literally owns a Home Depot that would be used to fix the damage. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

Now its no secret Im a big fan of most of what Roger Goodell has done but hes being controlled by a global Elite (which may or may not include Joe Flacco) whose seeking to make the NFL into the InterNFL drawing in a Global league with team's in other countries like England, Mexico, and Los Angeles. And what better way to finance there expansion by collapsing the leagues defense systems, to the point where you cant hit to high anymore but you cant hit to low either. Don't believe me? Case in point number 1-Lets take a look at the shot Matt Ryan took last night and watch Matty Ice's head here:


Back. And to the left. Back. and to the left. A obvious high hit- NO FLAG

Now lets watch Drew Brees from last week verse the 49ers. Watch his head here relative to his body:


Back. And to the left. Back. and to the left. FALSE FLAG

The got the right one wrong and the wrong one right folks. Also you can check the records the league has ADMITTED that they put refs through training for this exact sort've thing. Nope this isnt the Onion, they admitted to doing a training drill for the refs for the high hit penalties. Everytime something happens there's always training. Now unless Ahmad Brook's had some kind of magic bicep that could be hitting both Breeses shoulder and head at the same time theres no way this checks out.

The only explanation is the League took over the Saint's as punishment for Bountygate (and rightfully so) and there giving them favorable calls now. The League is planning on moving them to Los Angeles  while simoltaneously trying to collapse the Falcons into a recession by bleeding them dry of wins, money and infrastructure to finance the Saints move. All the while the Falcons are trying to secure a loan from the city of Atlanta to build a new stadium using (you guessed it) wood and toilets and stuff from the Home Depot that Arthur Blank owns folks. This team would be lucky to win 3 more games folks, 5-11 is a inside job. Itd almost be funny if it wasn't so true.

So please NFL fans be viginilant out there. Next thing you know the league will be coming for your pistol offense, then your shotgun offense, then a Chinese will by your favorite team, next thing you know we're all playing soccer and your grandkids are taking waterbreaks every half hour and the only thing padlevel in this country is the inside of the underwear all our bedwetting kids will be wearing folks. Sorry NOT sorry. Winning.

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