Bears vs. Rams 2013: Blogs are thinking ahead to the future

Dilip Vishwanat

SB Nation's Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams blogs are focused on the long-term path of their teams, rather than the playoffs.

The Chicago Bears needed a win to take control of the NFC North, but they couldn't do it. Perhaps the team looked past the St. Louis Rams, but they were smacked down by a potent defense and strong running game that gashed them for over 150 yards rushing and left them with a defeat.

Giving too much room to the Green Bay Packers is a mistake both the Bears and Lions have made. Aaron Rodgers is drawing closer to his return, and the competition wasn't able to capitalize on several weeks of weakness from the Packers. Windy City Gridiron is less concerned with this season, instead focusing on the long-term trajectory of the organization.

Young players are being thrust into action, and the coaching staff are getting their feet up under them. The NFC North is still up for grabs, but we have to maintain perspective when it comes to a long-term plan. The Bears will be fine... We just have to allow for growth and change.

Playoffs could be out of reach for the St. Louis Rams, but fans are enjoying the ride. The best thing for a team missing the post-season is seeing development and growth while seeing entertaining games to boot. Turf Show Times is seeing this out of the team's players, including backup quarterback Kellen Clemens.

Kellen Clemens isn't playing like a back up quarterback. He's playing like a kid trying to win a backyard game, all the while with a huge smile on his face. Clemens has stepped up well beyond all my expectations after Sam Bradford went down to injury. he moves well in the pocket, and showed guts against a Bears' defense that had it's pass rushing ears pinned back the entire game. He found third and fourth read receivers, and hit them with Drew Brees-esk shots that were both risky, and fun to watch.

Both teams could potentially find a wild card, but growth is more important and these teams have strong a strong nucleus to build on moving forward.

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