NFL QB Watch, Week 13: Thankful for 2nd chances

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

And third chances. And fourth chances. And first chances! It's a bevy of quarterbacks this week just looking for one more shot.

It's Thanksgiving today, a time for friends, family and second chances. But if you're an NFL quarterback that's struggling or just one that's getting another shot, that doesn't mean you can start turducken the tough questions.

This week, teams are looking for important wins during playoff races. If these guys also happen to play really well, that's just gravy. Here's the QB watch for Week 13:


Matt Flynn, Green Bay Packers

Never again will Flynn turn a good start for the Packers into a starting contract somewhere else. That doesn't mean, however, that Thursday's game against the Detroit Lions isn't important to his financial stability and NFL career. Flynn is 28 and has six years of experience. That's something that teams will find very valuable in a backup QB, especially as more and more teams opt to go with rookies and second-year players as their starter, not to mention the sudden (alarming or coincidental?) increase in ACL injuries and concussions recently.

Right now, Flynn's reputation could use a boost. He signed a deal with the Seattle Seahawks to be a starter, then he lost his job to a rookie in Russell Wilson. He was then dealt to the Oakland Raiders and subsequently lost his job to another young quarterback. The Raiders released him, the Bills signed him, the Bills released him and now he's back with Green Bay. He's been employed by four teams in a year.

If he plays well in place of Aaron Rodgers on Thanksgiving and for as long as they need him, he'll almost certainly be with his fifth next spring. He has a chance to stick around for awhile, and as you're gonna see with this next one, you never know what that will turn into.

Kellen me softly

Kellen Clemens, St. Louis Rams

Sometimes it's not so much what the quarterback can do, but what he can't.

Jeff Fisher and the Rams tried to compensate for a poor running game with Sam Bradford because everybody knows that Bradford is pretty good. Even if they didn't seem to have the most talented wide receiver corps either. Bradford attempted 37.4 passes per game as a starter this season, and then tore his ACL.

In comes Clemens, who everyone knows is pretty not-good, and he's only attempted 27 passes per game. Some of this is the byproduct of St. Louis completing blowout wins over the Colts and Bears, but some of it that the Rams actually can run the ball.

Like, really, really, really run it.

Four of their five best running games this season has come over the last four with Clemens, including two games where the team ran for at least 200 yards. St. Louis has run for 758 yards as a team with Clemens as starter and they've scored 80 points over their last two games.

The 2011 Rams didn't score their 80th point until their seventh game of the season.

Led by rookie Zac Stacy, St. Louis now knows that they might have something at running back and a reason to change up their strategy when Sam Bradford returns. But with his large contract, a bum knee, the Washington Redskin's first round pick, and the knowledge that they can win with Clemens...

Will Bradford come back to the Rams at all?

My favorite part of the turkey is the McGloin

Matt McGloin, Oakland Raiders

The undrafted free agent out of Penn State that took over for the guy that beat out that other guy that's starting on Thanksgiving for Green Bay will now play in front of millions of families against the Dallas Cowboys in an effort to keep Oakland from finding a new quarterback next season.

McGloin led the Raiders to a much-needed win over the Houston Texans in his first start, but when the AFC wild card spot was up for grabs against the Tennessee Titans last Sunday, he wasn't as effective. However, the Titans pass defense is very good, thanks mostly to the All-Pro play of cornerback Alterraun VernerThe Cowboys defense isn't nearly that good.

If McGloin can lead Oakland to a win in Dallas on Thursday, it'll be quite cold in the D. And McGloin will keep his job for at least one more week.

The Ryan game

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tennessee Titans

Speaking of the AFC wild card, it just so happens that the guy that beat the Raiders to take that spot also happens to have better overall numbers than his predecessor Jake Locker. Can Fitzpatrick keep the music alive for long enough to stick as starter for next season too?

Geno evil

Geno Smith, New York Jets

Rex Ryan says that Smith gives the Jets the best chance to win. The other quarterbacks must look terrible in practice.

There and back Glennon

Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The rookie has 12 touchdowns and two interceptions over his last seven starts. He's won three in a row, and he's an obvious upgrade over Josh Freeman. But is that enough to make up for the fact that he might save Greg Schiano's job?

Opening the Griffin door

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Is it time to start talking about the possibility of benching RGIII until he's RGHealthy? Hogs Haven had to bring up that very question this week, and the reasons to make that tough move certainly seem to have more and more merit each week. However, there is still that whole thing about how Kirk Cousins has actually not looked very good in recent outings.

He came in against the Denver Broncos and threw two interceptions on nine attempts.

He replaced Griffin in the 2012 playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks and was 3-of-10.

Overall, Cousins has thrown an interception on 8.8% of his attempts, which is... not good. It's a small sample size, certainly, but is Griffin looking bad enough to throw your team in the hands of Cousins at this point? Even if Washington is 3-8, they do play in the NFC East and you just never know with that division. Just look at last year's Redskins.

We'll have to keep that Griffin door closed for one more week.

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