Jaguars vs. Titans 2013 picks and predictions: Unanimous agreement against Jacksonville

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Jags are winless and must travel to face the Titans in Tennessee. Is anyone picking them to pull off the upset?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are coming off of a 2-14 season, their worst in franchise history, but it appears that last year wasn't the floor. The Jags are now 0-8 and it seems like getting one win this year could be a long shot, though picking first in 2014 is probably just what this team needs.

It might not be in their best interests to win a game this year. Not that they are in any danger of that. Jacksonville's closest margin of defeat is 14 points.

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In Week 10 they travel to face the 4-4 Tennessee Titans, with quarterback Jake Locker going 4-2 in the six games he's been healthy enough to start. The Titans are right on the cusp of the Jets for the second AFC Wild Card and can't afford any slip-ups against teams they should beat, such as the Jags.

So is anyone going to pick Jacksonville to win on Sunday?

No. Not that we could find.

All six panel members on SBNation are picking the Titans to win, as are all nine members of the panel at CBS Sports. Against the 13.5-point spread, just two experts at CBS are saying that Tennessee won't be able to cover.

Nobody at ESPN or Yahoo! Sports took the leap to pick the Jaguars either. It's fairly unanimous around the internet that Jacksonville is about to be 0-9. Maybe not a bad thing.

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