Dolphins players deny Jonathan Martin's attorney's claim


Some Miami Dolphins players have denied the claims Jonathan Martin and his attorney have alleged regarding locker room violence, according to a report.

Miami Dolphins players have come to the defense of Richie Incognito once again, or at least they're not piling on. Jonathan Martin recently claimed, through attorney David Cornwell, that there was physical violence perpetrated against him in the Miami locker room, but multiple players have denied seeing that kind of thing happen, according to James Walker of ESPN.

In response to Cornwell's claim that there was "malicious physical attack" on Martin, fellow offensive lineman Tyson Clabo said, "Since I've been here, I haven't seen anything like that." Defensive end Olivier Vernon added, "I never really seen anything like that."

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However, Vernon also did say, "Most of the time, I thought it was joking. I don't know how he felt. Everybody was just having fun." It's unclear if that implies that there was something that could be construed as physical attacks against Martin, but it's still a pretty ambiguous statement.

According to the report, tight end Michael Egnew and cornerback Nolan Carroll were also among those who denied that there is a violent locker room in Miami.

Martin left the team on Oct. 28 following an incident in the cafeteria and has not yet returned to the team. Incognito is the primary reason for Martin's departure, by all reports. The team has since suspended Incognito pending an investigation.

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