NFL plays of the week: Monkeys on dogs!

The top plays of Week 16 are all null and void, thanks to some lovable primates.

Then there was one. The 2013 NFL regular season has a solitary slate of games remaining in the season, and the season has flown by. These set of Week 16 plays will hopefully hold you over for a while.

The world famous Cincinnati monkey derby


I've never been to Cincinnati, but I hear it's lovely. As an outsider looking in, I know the town for the Bengals, Reds and delicious cinnamon-spiced spaghetti chili. Now The Queen City has won my heart, and will forever be synonymous with monkeys riding dogs.

Ohio might not have the best NFL teams, but it has hands down the best halftime shows. The league needs to take notice. Between this stellar example of primate equestrian, and Cleveland owning wiener dog races, the state has it on lock. These are both preferable to whichever aging rocker they trot out at the Super Bowl, right?

Lambeau leap, Lambeau spin


Eddie Lacy is trying to assert his claim on offensive rookie of the year, and goodness he was impressive on this dive. I've fallen on ice before, it sucks -- and I have to imagine that falling on a frozen football field is pretty close. This is why Lacy is a football player, and I'm not.

Now we just need to Photoshop in an explosion behind him, and Lacy transcends the NFL to action hero status.


This is more my speed.

I grew up in a tiny inner-city apartment where too much NBA Jam shaped my childhood into endless practice on an over-the-door miniature basketball hoop to get my 360 dunk down. Matt Flynn is the embodiment of 7-year-old me. He doesn't make it all the way around, and the torque from his spin makes him hit the ground, but he keeps on keeping on.

Manning No. 51


It's not a 2013 Lou Bega re-imagining, but rather the record-breaking pass from Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

The throw itself isn't his best of the year, however it's his 51st. This season Manning has thrown three fewer touchdowns than Chad Henne has in his career. Let that sink in.



It was a tad rainy in Carolina on Sunday, and this fan risked suffocation to ensure he didn't miss a second of the game. This poncho is not intended to be a toy, but he re-purposed it to watch every moment of his team's win over the New Orleans Saints.

Kudos, rain-drenched fan.

Not the play of the week: Good ole Philly, the Windy City


Nothing went right for Chicago, not even surprises.

The Bears attempted to attempt this onside kick at the beginning for the fourth quarter and it didn't go so well. Which is to say nothing went well. If you want a game to be summed up in a single GIF, here it is.

This is either the worst play of the week by Chicago, or the best play of the week by a football -- you decide.

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